People can be irritating.

People can be difficult.

They can be obnoxious.

Seriously nuts.

Crazily annoying.

I wonder if they consider it an art.

Like in their heads do they think, “Awesome! I just ticked off four people, and made three consider committing suicide, and seven want to kill me! Score!!”

And no this rant has absolutely nothing to do with anyone I just ran into, and they felt the need to ‘accidentally’ dump the contents of their drink on my head!

And absolutely has no relation to the person that just cut me off and is going ridiculously slow.

It has nothing to do with an obnoxious client who decided to make my life hell since I was trying to leave the office.

But then if you think about it, some people are wonderful.

Nice, kind, considerate.

They can be caring, courteous, and understanding.

This may or may not have to do with the fact I allowed people to go ahead of my while driving.

I smiled at passersby’s.

I did a favor for a neighbor.

I cleaned up my room, as a personal favor for my mom.

I made a salad for dinner.

Notice all the things I did.

But the thing is with that – people will generally reciprocate.

Then you will notice:

When other cars let you go.

Passerby’s’ will smile at you.

Neighbors will do favors for you.

😉 🙂 😉


Okay -on a side note, I am leaving tomorrow and have not packed yet.

So Good bye y’all.

I am going to try to post within the next month but no guarantees since I am not bringing my laptop…


I have to pack.

I am going away for the month of August.

I tried, I really did.

But every time I did I got distracted.

First by music.

Then by makeup.

Later  by the mail.

After, by the UPS.

I got a call that it turns out I have to leave a little  earlier than what it was originally.

So while I realize the urgency of the situation I still did nothing active about it.

I am sure it’s the weather.

Weather like this just saps you of your energy and strength it takes so much out of you.

Can we invent something that doesn’t allow that? (besides swimming, I mean that has been invented already)

Maybe special clothes that contain air ventilations with ice cold air blowing.

Or cold jewelry. (like the metal that always stay ice-cold)

Either way my packing is still not done.

I am currently at work and am energized and ready to get packing done, slight issue, as I said previously, I am at work.

So while I (finally) decided to procrastinate procrastination, it’s too late for that.

I know myself; I will do the last minute packing ‘game’.

It (usually) involves one person running in circles screaming repeatedly they cannot find an item they are looking to pack. As soon as they find that item it goes in the suitcase and the screaming resumes for the next item. After everything on the list gets crossed off the individual runs to the car jumps in and zooms off.

It’s a very exciting game, not for the individual obviously, but for any bystanders.

Boredom is a funny thing

It is.

At work sometimes it gets quiet and then there is nothing to do.

So homework gets done while I’m at work.

Blogging happens while I am at work.

Phoning friends take place while I am at work.

Invention ideas pop up while I am at work.

Buying stuff online- I do at work.

Life decisions happen during work.

Desktop backgrounds change at work.

Reading books (sometimes online) happen at work.

Eating and drinking occurs during work hours.

Now that I look at my list of things I do at work I wonder how many of the stuff I have done at work was unproductive.


Cuz in the beginning of my job here, I did not bring anything (not even ideas) of what I wanted to accomplish at work, besides for work.

Then I would come home a little irritated  by my unproductivity.

In the beginning I told my boss to give me more things to do.

Now I tell him, after he gives me a new project. “NOOOO!”

Its abnormal.

Maybe I just got lazier in some areas.

More productive in others.

I do not want to switch back the clock though, and I get paid (some of the time 😉

There are so many things we don’t take notice of


Like the background on our computer screens- the desktop.

Today I changed mine to a gorgeous forest-y scene with the grass so green and lush. It looks so inviting all I want to do is jump our of my chair and run barefoot in the comfortable fuzzy grass with the sunlight being filtered between the trees.


There is another part of life we simply don’t take notice or think about much.

And that is how colors affect our psyche.

I’m not going to get into all the technicalities of the advertising industry.

But what I will go into the specific colors and how they affect your state of mind.

Like the stunning green background I just added to my life.

Its making me calm, relaxed and at peace- a sense of contentment (With both myself and the world… the nature part of it.)

(maybe that is the bag of chips I just ate 😉

Red- is an attention-grabber signals danger, and attracts your attention (like poisonous snakes at times can have stripe of red running down their back, and even poisonous mushrooms are red!)

Orange can symbolize creativity and excitement. A liveliness. A stimulant. (It can even stimulate your apetite)

Yellow- sunshiny color- as long as it’s the right shade of yellow and not a sickly yellow which can indicate cowardliness.

Blue- indicates trustworthiness. Water-is serenity. Purity

Purple is a mysterious color. It invokes passion.

White- sterile purity, a cleanliness.

Black- Evil, power. (or desire of it..)

Now- check out your wardrobe and see what is the basic color you have there, that is going to show you what is currently going on in your psyche.

(like if you have lots of black please do not wonder why you are depressed 😉

Now any to remedy any emotional imbalance all you have to do is add the correct color to your clothes.

Need any suggestions? Post your issue, your main color you usually end up wearing and I will think of a great color for you!

Like if you lack confidence in the workforce- and you usually wear pale yellow begin to wear navy blue.

Keep me posted!


TMI (Too Much Information)

Half the problem today is the fact there is so much info out there we don’t know what to do with it!

A hundred years ago when computers were unheard of and information was not readily available. If someone had a malady and wanted more information on it.  It was a pain in the neck. You had to go to your local library and look it up. And some weren’t even well stocked.

While it’s a wonderful thing that today almost nothing requires a lot of effort, but then there is also a lot of thinking that we know more than the doctors. We are less impressed with most things.

There is another issue of thinking there are issues where there aren’t.

My sister in law was just telling me about her friend who sends her child to chewing therapy since he doesn’t chew properly.

Many years ago there was no such concept. If a kid didn’t know how to chew too bad. Eventually they learned (‘cause of the lack of options).

Another major difference is the awareness of how beneficial exercise is. And the importance of drinking water. I was just speaking to someone who said that when she was a girl (a good while ago) no one walked around with waterbottles or drinks. Even the amusements parks did not sell it.

I asked her if everyone fainted. She shook her head no.

Iguess in those days people were just tougher, more hardworking and not as junky.

But I still don’t think I would want to go back in time. Maybe just to visit.

We should open an amusement park and everything should be like going through a time machine all the rides and the drinks (lack thereof) down to the pay phones. No technology allowed in.

It would be cool. But no one would come back since the general populace would not last very long. Especially during the heat of the day.

On second thought, if we do charge the amount they paid….

We may have LOTSA customers!

Can EXTREMES be good?

So I am one of those people who don’t feel warm I feel HOT! I don’t feel cool I feel Frozen.

I don’t like people or dislike someone – I love or hate them.

It’s weird.

I know.

Like yesterday we had an ‘emergency’ where a patient came to see a doctor who doesn’t come in on Mondays. I found it highly humorous.

Unfortunately she did not and repeatedly bonked herself on her head.

“Don’t do that, I mean it probably hurts,” I told her her.

That was when she had a little hysteria attack, and that was when I decided I no longer liked her that much. I mean till then she was wonderful. (As in -was never rude or obnoxious). She began yelling screaming and crying telling me, “But you told me…”

“Honey, I did not tell you anything since I do not make reminder calls. I can guarantee no one called you since this particular, Doctor- Never comes today.” I replied in a calm voice.

This only exacerbated the situation and I therefore did not allow her in the clinic although I her therapist had to come out to speak to her.

Although the situation was stressful, I found it highly amusing, the way she totally lost it.

My car needed the timing belts replaced. Last night straight from work I dropped it off at the mechanic. With no car at my disposal I had to get a ride to work today and while I was at work I was informed that my car was ready.

My co-worker (yes, the one who is the worlds kindest person) offered to drive me, it involved her leaving work (swiping out- thereby losing $) driving me to my mechanic. When we got there she was like “This is a terrible neighborhood, I am not leaving until you are safely in your car.” So she waited around for me while I paid the mechanic and left.

Her kindness was overwhelming. And while I kept on thanking her she informed me, “Oh- it was absolutely nothing, don’t mention it.”

Some people say that and then they mean they expect me to be their indentured servant for the rest of their lives, and to constantly sing their praises. But seriously she forgot it, and when she left for the day, I thanked her again, and she was looked puzzled for a second until she remembered again. She had truly forgotten.

She is EXTREMELY nice.

GO,Go, Hurry, Hurry, Quickly, Quickly-BEEEEEP!

Did you ever try to get someone to rush so fast they don’t think?

I have!

 As a counselor a few summers ago, when i could see that lots of campers did not seem very interested on doing an activity, i would simply tell them in a very urgent tone of voice “RUN!!”

And because peoples immediate reaction is to just run, they never really fully thought it through and decide “But hold on, I really don’t wanna” they just simply ran.

This trick does not only work on kids, I tried it on my 15 year old sister recently.

We had a guest over and he had forgotten something and he was leaving, I quickly turned to my sister (who wasn’t wearing shoes)

“OMG-he left his… “I practically shouted as I threw it at her, “run after him, QUICK!! RUN!!’

Had she had stopped to consider this, she would have been like “No Way, You should!”

Instead she ran so fast out the door and chased after him to give it back.

I found it a little humorous.

Until I found myself in a similar situation, only it was just a little bit different.

I was driving my car (Liz) and someone beeped at me to go already, I looked up from my phone and zoomed past the stop sign barely looking.

That was the absolute equivalence of someone yelling “GO!!”

On a side note driving is anyways much more dangerous, so don’t have anyone ‘rush you’ into going or doing anything without thinking.

We all do this in one way or the other.

Like once my sister met a lady who was rushing to go to the shoe repair store.

The woman realized that, “Oh no!” since she had forgotten to bring the shoes. She was in such a rush she simply forgot!

Rather slow a little now, so you can have more time later!