TMI (Too Much Information)

Half the problem today is the fact there is so much info out there we don’t know what to do with it!

A hundred years ago when computers were unheard of and information was not readily available. If someone had a malady and wanted more information on it.  It was a pain in the neck. You had to go to your local library and look it up. And some weren’t even well stocked.

While it’s a wonderful thing that today almost nothing requires a lot of effort, but then there is also a lot of thinking that we know more than the doctors. We are less impressed with most things.

There is another issue of thinking there are issues where there aren’t.

My sister in law was just telling me about her friend who sends her child to chewing therapy since he doesn’t chew properly.

Many years ago there was no such concept. If a kid didn’t know how to chew too bad. Eventually they learned (‘cause of the lack of options).

Another major difference is the awareness of how beneficial exercise is. And the importance of drinking water. I was just speaking to someone who said that when she was a girl (a good while ago) no one walked around with waterbottles or drinks. Even the amusements parks did not sell it.

I asked her if everyone fainted. She shook her head no.

Iguess in those days people were just tougher, more hardworking and not as junky.

But I still don’t think I would want to go back in time. Maybe just to visit.

We should open an amusement park and everything should be like going through a time machine all the rides and the drinks (lack thereof) down to the pay phones. No technology allowed in.

It would be cool. But no one would come back since the general populace would not last very long. Especially during the heat of the day.

On second thought, if we do charge the amount they paid….

We may have LOTSA customers!


5 comments on “TMI (Too Much Information)

  1. G.k says:

    well water bottles have only been around for like 60ish years and didnt get popular till a while after which is beyond me (and im not even a big drinker) like what did everyone do??!?!?!
    i guess i just ask my gramma…..

  2. g.k says:

    you totally would what?

  3. g.k says:

    invent bottled water?

    • tbree1 says:

      No-walk around with water, or cans or idk SOMETHING that can hold water! (a watering can – i dont care! LOL)Maybe even a jar they used to make preserves (jelly) in!

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