Boredom is a funny thing

It is.

At work sometimes it gets quiet and then there is nothing to do.

So homework gets done while I’m at work.

Blogging happens while I am at work.

Phoning friends take place while I am at work.

Invention ideas pop up while I am at work.

Buying stuff online- I do at work.

Life decisions happen during work.

Desktop backgrounds change at work.

Reading books (sometimes online) happen at work.

Eating and drinking occurs during work hours.

Now that I look at my list of things I do at work I wonder how many of the stuff I have done at work was unproductive.


Cuz in the beginning of my job here, I did not bring anything (not even ideas) of what I wanted to accomplish at work, besides for work.

Then I would come home a little irritated  by my unproductivity.

In the beginning I told my boss to give me more things to do.

Now I tell him, after he gives me a new project. “NOOOO!”

Its abnormal.

Maybe I just got lazier in some areas.

More productive in others.

I do not want to switch back the clock though, and I get paid (some of the time 😉


6 comments on “Boredom is a funny thing

  1. This is so true! I think of a billion other things of work that are not work-related. Now here I am sitting in front of my computer allegedly editing a manuscript and I’m thinking about work! WHat gives with that?! LOL!

  2. d says:

    hum dealing with boredom by not actually letting yourself be bored… i like it 😉

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