A hard call

The internal struggle raged on.

I simply could not decide what to do.

I had accepted a position as coordinator of a special needs weekend retreat where I would be the one running the show. This included the food the other staff as well as speaking to the parents etc. It was a big responsibility and before jumping into a job like this I requested a one month period to see whether it would work out. After then I would commit if it was working out well and to my liking. This weekend thing was every other weekend. So I had two weekends to see if it would work.

Should I or not?

First weekend was absolutely disastrous, but I was aware that it was a first. Plus all beginnings are hard.

Should I or not?!

The second weekend I could not get staff. After finalizing with the few staff I had, one cancelled, and I had to start the search again.

My wonderful co-worker explained to me that I don’t owe anyone anything.

It was nice to put it into perspective.

So should I or should I not?

The supervisor (who was not on premises throughout the weekend) was super nice and explained that he had to send one of the harder children again because of a situation at home.

He had been the most difficult.

“Okay” I said sweetly, “then this is the final one I will be doing, it is too rough. My schedule is,” I explained.

I just began school again, and one of the volunteers canceled on me last minute, I simply would not enjoy this juggling act this upcoming semester.  My grades would suffer.

I anyways have another job, and of course, I reminded myself. Money isn’t everything.

I should not!

I knew I made the right choice when after informing him of this decision. I hung up (okay a little abruptly) and felt a huge weight roll off my shoulders.

I was glad my father did not say I told you so. When I asked him initially he did not think it was a good idea.



I had a most unusual experience which involved me shrieking on top of my lungs in disgust, shock and horror.

I had bought a nice overnight bag the nice big ones that kind of fit most things you can think of. (Including the kitchen sink).

As I emptied it out from all the stuffing’s (newspapers and the like) some-time later. I began to get the feeling someone had bought it before and returned it. Not because the tags weren’t on. Not because it wasn’t in good condition, simply because there was a plastic bag inside with a label with typed description of the bag.

I began emptying everything on my bedroom floor, so that I could see how big the inside really was, being I plan to use it this upcoming weekend.

The paper wasn’t typical stuffing paper – it had some cool designs on it. I was thinking that it could be the inspiration for a painting, or even the start of a modern art sort of painting I pulled it out to check it out. One lump of paper wasn’t that cool. The other one was a tree that swirled into something else, it looked like something so I pulled it out further and out came a little square rag.

That was not the reason I felt the need to scream.

It was covered in blood!

My immediate though was –oddly enough- ‘murder evidence’

That’s why I yelled.

I must read waay too many murder kind of mysteries.

It was a off-white sort of background with light blue pinstripes and smudged with brownish, and tan-ish dried out, smudged blood.

I picked it up with the paper and l had admired and took it to the living room because that’s where everyone was. I had to have an explanation.

The general consensus was that the rag was a makeup rag.

Oh well, so much for it being evidence.

I have discovered the miracle cure!!

No – not really me personally, I haven’t even had the opportunity to buy it yet, however I did a lot of research about it.

And I even convinced my co-worker to go out and buy it. (Hehe maybe I wanted a guinea pig 😉

Guess what it is?

Nope – not water (although that is a wonderful thing as well I wont deny it. I did lots reports on that. I also did a public (persuasive) speech on it.

Not apple cider vinegar (although my sister hates me for using it as a toner every night before going to bed-the smell is not the most pleasant thing out there.  She gags when she passes me in the hallway.)

–Drumroll Please—

Its Extra Virgin coconut oil (the oil and NOT the capsules.)

And totally not – its not one of those things that I have been into for about 5 minutes and gave up after realizing the results are not as instantaneous as I would wish, or are too time consuming to be practical (Yups I am pretty practical 😉

(Okay no need to laugh that hard)

That would be more along the lines of Avocado in my hair (which I have tried-and left it in till in turned brown and gross) or an acne trick of toothpaste, or a dieting trick  which meant eating honey before bedtime.

I am not going to go into all of the random things I have tried over the last five years of my life (maybe more.) They are far too numerous.

Going back to my discovery – based on all the evidence I have read. (and no – it was not from one individual blog.)

There isn’t very much of what it doesn’t cure.

It helps with:

  • Weight loss
  • Thyroid issues
  • Diabetes (stabilizes blood sugar)
  • Dental issues (really any mouth related issues including but not limited to dry mouth and any viruses and plaque etc.)
  • Candida (yeast infections)
  • Digestive issues
  • Focusing Issues and Alzheimer’s
  • Skin (Acne/scarring/razor bumps)
  • Hair (thinning/loss/lice)
  • Nails – (bumpiness/cracks)
  • Energy (it gives you lots of it) and Increases muscle mass
  • Helps with Parkinsons
  • Pink eye(or any viral issues)
  • Stress related issues (helps get your adrenal glands working – no more chronic fatigue syndrome)

That is just the tip of the iceberg.

Check out http://coconutoil.com/ as well as Dr.Mercolas website.


Enjoy! I will let you all know what happened with it. I do plan on buying it as soon as the health food stores open tomorrow!!

As a 21 year old I realize I now have more rights! (Wahoo!!)

Out of curiosity I was wondering what other rights I now have. (Besides for getting a class D (minus the J) on my license)

Now my sister can beg me every day to take her driving (she has her permit) and will continue to have just her permit unless she gets people to drive with her. Liz (my car) said no. We will see.

I can adopt a child- as if I will. As it is I have a hard enough time getting things done (this is referring to things that I don’t want to do obviously.)

I can get a pilot’s license (that should be on my new and updated bucket list).

Drink – it’s the age where you realize you are going to need it.

That pretty much sums it all up. Now that I am  21– I wouldn’t complain if someone out there decides to keep me 20. I liked that age. Oh well!

I’m 21!


Today was a big day, although it started out last night, we went to a quarry, met up with a skeleton coming out of a creaky door. The three of us raced to the car, our hearts in our throats.

Drove back, drove through a park (that you are meant to walk through- but its so unsafe to do so at so late at night and as a result we drove through the path around the lake.)

The driver was a blondie (stereotype – and she claimed the road- just turned into this and what was she supposed to do) Liz purred in agreement.

I got back and at 12, I poured myself a big glass of red wine. Drank it. Felt somewhat entitled. I went to bed.

As a 21 year old I am not sure I feel much older, and more mature (although that is what I claimed to those that text-ed me and asked what I feel like today.)

Oh and although I would’ve thought that at age 21 I am older and wiser – I am the first but totally not the second. My friends shocked me out of my wits by surprising me at work! I never would’ve thought… Maybe when I am 22 😉

When a coffee is in order


I was thrilled that my car was back in working order. I had to drive carpool for my younger sister – change in her schedule. Then I had to race to a meeting regarding a new position I decided to accept. From there I drove to Michaels and the strip of stores along that area. I got a lot of very random things (one item-being a pot of Lavender).

Then my sister called and asked if I could watch her son for a little bit. Instead of doing more shopping I went to her house.

(Please note: because of the weather there are lots of pot-holes)

Anyways I drove onto her block, a house away from her house. There was a not-just regular pot hole. This one was a little more severe. I wasn’t going fast but Liz (my car) totally didn’t care. She made helicopter – kind of sounds – to protest (I guess). Thankfully I was near her house and was able to go up her driveway. I parked haphazardly- the noise was doing something unpleasant to my brain.

I got out of the car and looked around- nothing seemed to be wrong. I looked under Liz and there seemed to be a pipe underneath that popped out from under. My sister came outside to take a look.

I turned to her and said, “Is it me, or my car is smoking. Maybe it looks like that cuz of the rain.”

“Its you, I think,” then she stopped and shook her head, “Yeah you’re right.”

Being that I know *lots* about cars I decided to look under the hood. The only problem was since I smashed into a tree (Note: I had just gotten Liz back, yesterday) the hood didn’t want to budge.

My sister and I were standing outside, getting completely drenched. We laughed and discussed the possibility of the car exploding.

“Okay we are wasting time,” I told her. “You run that errand.”

She looked a little doubtful, “What if your car blows up?”

“Well you being here isn’t gonna change much, will it?”

So she left, I went inside.

That was when her calm baby, who had been sleeping so peacefully decided to wake up. And not just wake up. Scream.

So I tried everything, from rocking to patting, to changing his diaper, to putting him in his swing, in his mother’s bed.

Nothing worked.

So in addition to me worrying about how I was going to work, making dinner like I told my mom, or getting any exercise in. I had to worry about this shrieking baby.

And since nothing seemed to work, I sat in my sister’s kitchen and pounded cookies.

About 15 minutes later, she called to see how he was doing. I didn’t even need to explain. She heard him. Only him. She couldn’t hear a word I said.

“Why didn’t you call me?! I will be home in 2 minutes.”

She was home in literally two minutes, pretty impressive. I wonder how many reds she ran. She let me use her car and that was how I got to work an hour and a half later (after going home and making supper, eating lunch, and preparing snack.)

Goshness- what a packed morning. A coffee was a necessity.


I was chilled while coming back from doing some running. Invigorated, pleased, and relaxed. The music was on loud, I was driving average (I’m not into tickets), and was focusing on what I am going to do as soon as I get home.

Next thing I knew I was  skidding. I freaked out and tried turning the wheel, stomping on the breaks… nothing!

The tree was coming closer and closer – I couldn’t even shut my eyes- with horror/fascination I watched my car smash into the tree.

I hoped I would make it.


I turned off the music.

Made sure I was okay – nothing was hurting.

Got out to look at the car – okay the front is a little battered- no big deal.

I got back into the car and tried to drive it- the wheel refused to turn- I was stuck.

I called my father sounding panicky, a little hysterical and the about to cry – but not yet – stage.

He wasn’t even local.

“Calm down don’t worry” he said.

I didn’t talk – afraid I was going to cry.

“okay – I’m gonna call your brother in law- the only one who is local.’ (my two other brothers who usually are local – are not even in the usa)

“Okay” I said – my voice small.

Then I called the guys who help people that are stuck.

“I’m in a tree”

“okay we will send someone right away.”

5 minutes later 3 guys show up, and look at the car. The axle is probably broken, the rim is bent and you may have more internal damage. You also may want to tell the neighbor whose lawn it is that you banged into their tree. If you don’t it’s like you left the scene of the accident.

“We’ll come with you”

“Your best bet – is to call a tow truck since there isn’t much you can do at this point.”


Once I knew what had to be done I calmed down. Called my mom to take care of all the stuff. Called my boss and told him what happened and how I wasn’t able to come in to work today.

Overall everyone was concerned about how I was feeling.

My brother in law came to see what he could do. He figured he’d drive it to my house and we’ll deal with it once it’s in the driveway. It wouldn’t go and the wheels were being difficult. He handed me a hot cocoa and said he spoke to the parents who said they’re gonna call a tow truck.

Went home – and left the car at the end of the block.

I realized I didn’t eat lunch.

Not hungry but decided to eat anyways. I made myself macaroni and cheese, by the time I was halfway done eating I realized I didn’t put ketchup in it.

It didn’t really matter I didn’t taste it.

I kept seeing the tree coming closer and closer.