About Me!

I am one of those people that do not have a set hobby. I do not have a set schedule. I try not to bake the same recipe twice.

I love finding  new things be it hobbies, food, places, people and ideas. Novelty entices me.  Although forgotten hobbies and activities or recipes are fun too! I have found that I love writing. I love painting- using a variety of mediums (including – Acrylics, oil, blow dried crayons etc.) Although those are my feelings of the moment – and its likely to fluctuate.  I have a love/hate relationship with shopping. (It means I think I like shopping but after shopping for 5 hours straight I hate it.) I love makeup – and if I ever have extra time I will become a makeup artist. I love jewelry- and if I have lots of spare time in the future I will open up a jewelry business. I love meeting new people. 

I am going for COTA(Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant), and currently have a job in a Psychology clinic. In my spare time I work with special needs children/adults.


2 comments on “About Me!

  1. E says:

    Hi! I’m nominating you for the Very Inspiring Blogger award. 😀

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