Lots of things are commonly over exaggerated

Lots of times people tend to over exaggerate things. It all begins with some slight overestimation in your head and the next thing you know you are feeling an intense like or dislike toward something or someone.

Today I was driving with a passenger who had lots of things to say about my driving skills. Majority of them not too positive. Comments like those do not bug me unless I allow it to. I decided not too. (And no- I am not always so logical like that, but I was in a good mood – Mint tea does that to you).

Anyways sometimes when you drive a person in the car ahead of you does something that is extremely annoying. But some people can get really ticked off. Usually this ‘thing’ they did took about 5 seconds (like didn’t put on their blinker and you had to slam on your breaks or they are going reeaaalllyyy slow. For no reason.) But if you put it in perspective in the scheme of life it’s NOTHING.

Seriously, by the time you get to your house in the evening it’s completely forgotten (that is, if you are a normal person, with normal reactions)

Yet people can raise their blood pressure, or even bust a vein, because of the people driving around them.

I have a proposal, next time you are driving behind someone who is highly irritating. Take a few deep breaths and unless you are running late to an appointment, continue breathing through your nose while thinking nice reasons for their annoying-ness (like it’s probably a dumb blond-so its totally not her fault etc. 😉

Another thing regarding something that is overly exaggerated is the weather at times.

Like for good-ness’s sakes if its raining people will do the strangest things not to get wet and if you look at their expressions they are absolutely comical. Maybe it stems from our parents warning us too many times to wear a raincoat, bring an umbrella etc, with enough urgency, enough times. We are all practically brainwashed. (Notice that pun I did- but only after I typed it! 😉

Anyways, its good to just keep these things in check, cuz some times we can get a little hysterical.  Think if the basis for this is not as major as death or dying or something big its probably not even worth crossing our radar.

And believe me the people around us will certainly appreciate it.

(And no- this post has absolutely nothing to do with a therapist yelling and screaming about how her client always comes late)


2 comments on “Lots of things are commonly over exaggerated

  1. G.k says:

    HAHAHAHA!!! i work for a pediatrician and when someone is late the other secretary FREAKS OUT!!!!!

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