Allergies – Oh no!


Last year I didn’t suffer from allergies and was thrilled that I was finally ‘over it,’however I was sadly mistaken. The reason why I hadn’t been affected by allergies was because of honey.

Last year for the whole year beginning from November through August I had taken honey (1 Tablespoon, before bedtime) because I was into this ‘honey diet’ which was supposed to make you sleep better. It helped me with that and it had one unusual side effect – it made me immune to seasonal allergies, just for the season.

After some time, I completely forgot about the honey diet, as well as my allergies.

Three weeks ago my allergies were back = with a vengeance!

After reading up on what helps prevent it, and honey was on the ‘list,’ I realized I had to go back to the honey.

You are supposed to use locally grown honey, because the bees buzz all around and make honey. Inside the honey is natural- immunity (like a shot) because of the pollen local to that area is what would be affecting you.

I began taking the honey and it helped but two days ago my throat began to tickle.

This morning it was not funny!

I wouldn’t stop sneezing.

(If I were in a car accident because of a sneeze do you think I would be at fault?

I wonder.)

My next thing I must try is Butterbur. There has been enough evidence that has satisfied my innate curiosity. It’s only toxic if the company hasn’t taken out the pyrrolizidine alkaloids which are toxic to the liver. But other than that it was used to treat coughs, asthma, and wounds. Researchers have identified what is in butterbur that help reduce allergy symptoms it inhibits leukotrienes and histamines.

The other natural things were simply not feasible, like cut out sugar, wheat and dairy. (What is a hot day without a smoothie?) Those things heightened inflammation of any sort. But maybe I could try increasing my intake of Omega 3s and that would counteract any inflammation (due to junk food and dairy) as Omegas 3s achieve the exact opposite effect.

I will try to keep you all posted. I will buy butterbur first thing tomorrow!


Spring Break

Spring vacation


Was so relaxing even though not a lot got done.

Sometimes you need mandatory off days.

It wasn’t so much that I did anything super exciting and fun.

It was more that everyone was home.

And there were lots of things going on.

Siblings, siblings in law, nieces and nephews all came.

It was a party.

It was adorable seeing which neices/nephews personality and you would be surprised how young they begin exhibiting theirs.

It doesn’t make it too hard to realize what they will be like as teenagers.

Like the 2 year old  niece that comes to my room expecting me to ‘do her face’ and nails.

The nephew who finds it fascinating to see dead animals.

The 3 year old niece who knows how to manipulate the adults around her.

The toddler who while learning how to walk, tottering away, manages to step over all of the blocks, lego, and clics scattered around, but will walk into a wall.

The little boy who tells the most outrageous lies when posed a question regarding something he said previously. He is a really talented liar and they are hilariously funny (although his mom is not entirely amused).

Just like adults, even, I tell you.


I have painted

Each one symbolizes something

Although when I have asked

No one seems to understand what I mean

Until I explain

Only then do they say

Oh I get it

But how could they if they needed me to explain it

Maybe only the artist truly understands the deeper and more significant meanings

Like maybe the author only understands the true and meaningful point made

Clearly the creator only understands the real plans

I am having a panic attack

I informed everyone at my brother’s b-day party, in a calm voice.

My throat felt like it was constricting and I was having difficulty breathing, my heart felt like it was beating wrong.

“What are you panicking about,” mom asked concerned.

“Nothing that I am aware of.”

“I must be panicking because I have nothing to panic about.”


I explained my symptoms.

My father asked if I just had a huge, intense coffee.

“Nope- I said, I haven’t had one all day.”

Did you eat anything different? An energy drink or something?

“No” I said.

Then I realized I had tried a new kind of chocolate – an 82% cocao chocolate bar.

It tasted like the really healthy kind. I have eaten high percentage cocoa chocolate in the past other types – I am weird and love that kind.

“It’s a caffeine rush.”  My father informed me.

“Have some magnesium.”


I had a most unusual experience which involved me shrieking on top of my lungs in disgust, shock and horror.

I had bought a nice overnight bag the nice big ones that kind of fit most things you can think of. (Including the kitchen sink).

As I emptied it out from all the stuffing’s (newspapers and the like) some-time later. I began to get the feeling someone had bought it before and returned it. Not because the tags weren’t on. Not because it wasn’t in good condition, simply because there was a plastic bag inside with a label with typed description of the bag.

I began emptying everything on my bedroom floor, so that I could see how big the inside really was, being I plan to use it this upcoming weekend.

The paper wasn’t typical stuffing paper – it had some cool designs on it. I was thinking that it could be the inspiration for a painting, or even the start of a modern art sort of painting I pulled it out to check it out. One lump of paper wasn’t that cool. The other one was a tree that swirled into something else, it looked like something so I pulled it out further and out came a little square rag.

That was not the reason I felt the need to scream.

It was covered in blood!

My immediate though was –oddly enough- ‘murder evidence’

That’s why I yelled.

I must read waay too many murder kind of mysteries.

It was a off-white sort of background with light blue pinstripes and smudged with brownish, and tan-ish dried out, smudged blood.

I picked it up with the paper and l had admired and took it to the living room because that’s where everyone was. I had to have an explanation.

The general consensus was that the rag was a makeup rag.

Oh well, so much for it being evidence.