Allergies – Oh no!


Last year I didn’t suffer from allergies and was thrilled that I was finally ‘over it,’however I was sadly mistaken. The reason why I hadn’t been affected by allergies was because of honey.

Last year for the whole year beginning from November through August I had taken honey (1 Tablespoon, before bedtime) because I was into this ‘honey diet’ which was supposed to make you sleep better. It helped me with that and it had one unusual side effect – it made me immune to seasonal allergies, just for the season.

After some time, I completely forgot about the honey diet, as well as my allergies.

Three weeks ago my allergies were back = with a vengeance!

After reading up on what helps prevent it, and honey was on the ‘list,’ I realized I had to go back to the honey.

You are supposed to use locally grown honey, because the bees buzz all around and make honey. Inside the honey is natural- immunity (like a shot) because of the pollen local to that area is what would be affecting you.

I began taking the honey and it helped but two days ago my throat began to tickle.

This morning it was not funny!

I wouldn’t stop sneezing.

(If I were in a car accident because of a sneeze do you think I would be at fault?

I wonder.)

My next thing I must try is Butterbur. There has been enough evidence that has satisfied my innate curiosity. It’s only toxic if the company hasn’t taken out the pyrrolizidine alkaloids which are toxic to the liver. But other than that it was used to treat coughs, asthma, and wounds. Researchers have identified what is in butterbur that help reduce allergy symptoms it inhibits leukotrienes and histamines.

The other natural things were simply not feasible, like cut out sugar, wheat and dairy. (What is a hot day without a smoothie?) Those things heightened inflammation of any sort. But maybe I could try increasing my intake of Omega 3s and that would counteract any inflammation (due to junk food and dairy) as Omegas 3s achieve the exact opposite effect.

I will try to keep you all posted. I will buy butterbur first thing tomorrow!


Can EXTREMES be good?

So I am one of those people who don’t feel warm I feel HOT! I don’t feel cool I feel Frozen.

I don’t like people or dislike someone – I love or hate them.

It’s weird.

I know.

Like yesterday we had an ‘emergency’ where a patient came to see a doctor who doesn’t come in on Mondays. I found it highly humorous.

Unfortunately she did not and repeatedly bonked herself on her head.

“Don’t do that, I mean it probably hurts,” I told her her.

That was when she had a little hysteria attack, and that was when I decided I no longer liked her that much. I mean till then she was wonderful. (As in -was never rude or obnoxious). She began yelling screaming and crying telling me, “But you told me…”

“Honey, I did not tell you anything since I do not make reminder calls. I can guarantee no one called you since this particular, Doctor- Never comes today.” I replied in a calm voice.

This only exacerbated the situation and I therefore did not allow her in the clinic although I her therapist had to come out to speak to her.

Although the situation was stressful, I found it highly amusing, the way she totally lost it.

My car needed the timing belts replaced. Last night straight from work I dropped it off at the mechanic. With no car at my disposal I had to get a ride to work today and while I was at work I was informed that my car was ready.

My co-worker (yes, the one who is the worlds kindest person) offered to drive me, it involved her leaving work (swiping out- thereby losing $) driving me to my mechanic. When we got there she was like “This is a terrible neighborhood, I am not leaving until you are safely in your car.” So she waited around for me while I paid the mechanic and left.

Her kindness was overwhelming. And while I kept on thanking her she informed me, “Oh- it was absolutely nothing, don’t mention it.”

Some people say that and then they mean they expect me to be their indentured servant for the rest of their lives, and to constantly sing their praises. But seriously she forgot it, and when she left for the day, I thanked her again, and she was looked puzzled for a second until she remembered again. She had truly forgotten.

She is EXTREMELY nice.