Ahhhh! Pimples!

Last night I noticed a few pimples on my face.

Not huge ones, but pimples. (Plural)

I had to act, before it became an epidemic.

I stayed up late googling and figuring out different options – I need good skin- always, why should I have to wear foundation?

The product that kept on popping up was Secret Indian Aztec Healing Clay.

It seemed to have the best reviews.

The best price.

The coolest properties.

The most exotic name.

The most interesting picture.

There was no way I could get the product by tomorrow morning I told myself. I googled stores. It didn’t seem to be sold anywhere near me. I then called all the health food stores I know.

Finally I found it! I drove myself the health food store. It was a nice store because it was large. Plus everything was labeled very clearly.

I walked in found the right aisle. Found it. Picked it up checked out and shot out of the store as fast as I could. I had schoolwork that had to be done. Work to go to. And an exam to study for.

(This was pretty impressive ~for me to just have a ton of self-control for no good (enough) reason!)

I sped home.

I felt this burning need to use the exciting, novelty. It was a powdered clay, that you have to add apple cider vinegar (yes-smells delicious 😉 Then you keep it on your face for a half of an hour. I had to go to work, but if I timed it right I would be able to do it. (And while it was hardening I could study!)


Finally it was time!!

I took a washcloth and made it boiling hot. I then began wiping off the hardening cement.

It took time but eventually it was all off.

I stared at myself carefully in the mirror and although it said your face may turn red- this took red to a whole new level!

How on earth was I going to work?

Tough! I told myself I shouldn’t have ignored the little voice in my head telling me to do it later tonight.

It was a first time use and that meant any pimples I had and wasn’t aware of, was brought to the surface.


I asked my co-worker if there was anything different about me today.

“Well, you have pimples….. What happened to your nice skin?”


Love colors? Interesting thought!


Wanna hear something cool? Colors tell a lot about you as a person, because colors symbolize different aspects/ character traits. That’s not the cool part though. Colors you don’t like –is your weakness. I found that interesting. Because I love Turquoise that means I am: • “If this is your favorite color, you are friendly and approachable, easy to communicate with. • You are compassionate, empathetic and caring. • You have a heightened sense of creativity and sensitivity. • You speak from the heart and love sharing your inner most thoughts. • As a personality color turquoise you usually have highly developed intuitive abilities. • You seek spiritual fulfillment, and you are often an evolved or ‘old’ soul. • You are trying to create balance in your life as you swing emotionally from one direction to the other. Although presenting a cool and calm exterior, and appearing to be stable and balanced, beneath the surface you may be in chaos, on an emotional roller coaster ride. • With a personality color turquoise, you are self-sufficient, with good self esteem and an ability to love and care for yourself. • You are a clear thinker and good decision maker. • You have good organizational and management skills. • With a personality color turquoise, you make a good boss, as you tend to influence others rather than be bossy and demanding. • You are confident and find public speaking to be easy – with your ability to focus and concentrate on the most important things and your capacity for clarity of thought, communication comes easy to you. • You are good at multi-tasking – focusing on one thing at a time bores you. • You have strong powers of perception and can be selective and discerning, balancing the pros and cons of any situation, then identifying the best way forward. • Your thinking can become scattered at times, particularly when you try to accomplish too much at once. This can overtire you and you become emotionally out of balance. • You can be self-centered, tuning in to your own needs to the exclusion of the needs of others. • You can be boastful and narcissistic, appearing egotistical and conceited. • You fear being alone and can become aloof and unapproachable when this occurs, making the situation even worse. • You can be impractical and idealistic with an overactive mind creating emotional imbalance – you need turquoise to bring you back into balance. • If operating from a negative perspective, you may lack communication skills, have difficulty in expressing yourself, including your emotions, be unreliable and deceptive, have creative blocks, or be either over emotional or non-emotional. • You may be naturally drawn to turquoise when you are suffering emotional stress as it is the color that controls and heals the emotions – this may be a temporary choice of a favorite color turquoise.” • (http://www.empower-yourself-with-color-psychology.com/personality-color-turquoise.html) There was nothing too shocking there!

But because Brown is one color I do not like that much It means: You are more outgoing and enjoy a fun-filled life with like-minded people. • You are more of a dreamer, with a colorful imagination. • Routine bores you and you are not seeking a contented life. • You are spontaneous and love fresh and innovative ideas. • You are witty, impulsive and generous. • Simple, practical, down-to-earth people bore you. • You like more sophisticated pursuits. (http://www.empower-yourself-with-color-psychology.com/personality-color-brown.html)

Super cool- and I agree with most of these things! (not the bad stuff of course 😉 Check out this website – I always knew that colors show different things about one’s character traits, but what I never knew was not liking a color also shows things about ones character as well. Food for thought!

It does not warrant a comment!


I made a nice oatmeal facemask, cuz I decided my face needed something else.

I whipped it up quickly since it’s a really easy recipe – consisting of egg-white and oatmeal smeared on face and left on for 15-20 minutes.

I was lying on a recliner, waiting for it to harden.

My father walked by and turned to my older brother, “this looks like an ad for something.”

My niece toddled by. She is a really precocious 2-year-old. Nope I am totally not a biased aunt or something!

“What’s that?” she asked.

“Oatmeal.” I responded.

“Can I have some?” Cuz clearly if I was putting it on my face, it was something worthwhile.

“No- it’s silly!” I sat her on my lap and told her, “Feel it”.

She did and then agreed she did not want it after all. Once it’s halfway dried it has a very spongy, icky consistency.

I let her into my room and sat her down allowing her to watch YouTube clips of random stuff.

In middle she turns to me and said, “You know,” (referring to my face,) “it’s weird!”

Then she insisted on using all of my makeup which I willingly complied – I love putting makeup on people. When I told her we were done and after the little girl inspected herself in the mirror and gave the okay –she then insisted that I had to put makeup on her doll. Her doll had a filthy face and I had to use nail polish remover to take off all the dirt. But after it actually looked pretty decent.

I took her out of my room to give her icecream (ha because I am not her mother – I get to spoil her rotten, and mind you this was waay after her bedtime!) I passed my brother in law in the hall.

His eyebrows shot up “Who pied you?”

My niece looked up at me, “It’s weird.” She informed me (again)

Okaaay I had more than enough comments I think it is time to wash it off!



Liz(my car) was being stubborn. Not her fault. She was encased in ice (snow that had completely frozen over).

I had a small mini ice-scraper, just in case of emergencies.

Last night I was informed by lotsa people to dig my car out cuz tomorrow it would freeze.

I wasn’t overly concerned. Decided to procrastinate and deal with it tomorrow, was too busy doing nothing. (Don’t you hate when you get in that lazy sorta mood and just focus on breathing and chilling)It used to not happen to me, but then I turned 21.

So this morning I had the most difficult time digging myself out.

After a half hour of getting nowhere I decided to just drive away. I slowly pressed the gas, put it in low gear and began driving. The wheels just spun, smelled of burning rubber and went no where.

This happened repeatedly, I dug out some more. Got back in the car and still went nowhere. I didn’t have enough energy for a good cry. Instead I took a piece of mint gum, chomped on it loudly as a stomped on the gas. Thought about who I could call, like who owed me a favor.

Noone that I could think of. Ugh.

I told someone I would meet them at 11:15. 11:15 came and went. I called them saying I will be by them in a half an hour.

After all the gas-stomping, idling, I realized I was outa gas.

I chomped on my gum harder.

It’s still early, I still have time, I told myself.

I called her again, I will be running a little late.

Finally after enough gas-stomping, wheel twisting, snow kicking – I was out!!

Wahooooooo!! 🙂

Liz is a sneaky one!

She has to be.

See, Liz, is my car. I have established that she has a very distinct personality and sense of humor.

I suspect, however, she does something extremely odd when I am on the road.

Wherever I go I get brighted/ flashed.

Both the back and from cars passing me, going in the opposite direction.

I am truly, thoroughly, mystified.

I have on countless occasions gotten out of my car to see if maybe a brake light was out, or maybe one of my front lights were. That hasn’t been the case.

And nope – it hasn’t always been policemen around either.

I am not a paranoid, since all passengers have agreed with me and gone out of Liz scratching their head. Baffled.

No- I am not usually high, and do not drive like a drunkard.

I don’t drive exceptionally slow.

I do not drive exceptionally fast.

Liz is has been up to something. I wish I knew what it is.

I am aware that its personal, because when other people have driven her, there were no issues.

Its okay though, every car has its quirks.

Like every person has their idiosyncrasies.

And I like cars with personality.