There are so many things we don’t take notice of


Like the background on our computer screens- the desktop.

Today I changed mine to a gorgeous forest-y scene with the grass so green and lush. It looks so inviting all I want to do is jump our of my chair and run barefoot in the comfortable fuzzy grass with the sunlight being filtered between the trees.


There is another part of life we simply don’t take notice or think about much.

And that is how colors affect our psyche.

I’m not going to get into all the technicalities of the advertising industry.

But what I will go into the specific colors and how they affect your state of mind.

Like the stunning green background I just added to my life.

Its making me calm, relaxed and at peace- a sense of contentment (With both myself and the world… the nature part of it.)

(maybe that is the bag of chips I just ate 😉

Red- is an attention-grabber signals danger, and attracts your attention (like poisonous snakes at times can have stripe of red running down their back, and even poisonous mushrooms are red!)

Orange can symbolize creativity and excitement. A liveliness. A stimulant. (It can even stimulate your apetite)

Yellow- sunshiny color- as long as it’s the right shade of yellow and not a sickly yellow which can indicate cowardliness.

Blue- indicates trustworthiness. Water-is serenity. Purity

Purple is a mysterious color. It invokes passion.

White- sterile purity, a cleanliness.

Black- Evil, power. (or desire of it..)

Now- check out your wardrobe and see what is the basic color you have there, that is going to show you what is currently going on in your psyche.

(like if you have lots of black please do not wonder why you are depressed 😉

Now any to remedy any emotional imbalance all you have to do is add the correct color to your clothes.

Need any suggestions? Post your issue, your main color you usually end up wearing and I will think of a great color for you!

Like if you lack confidence in the workforce- and you usually wear pale yellow begin to wear navy blue.

Keep me posted!



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