Home-made jewelry – my style!


Today I decided to dig up small rocks.

Yup-you heard correctly.

I got back from college and was about to eat lunch when I remembered one of my siblings called earlier to let me know that it is possible to shine rocks. This was about a week ago. I got busy with random things and was unable to find time to do something like that, and then it slipped my mind.

I mean until I pulled up in the driveway today and saw some rocks – it was a pure light-bulb moment.

I dug up some rocks that looked with either a unique shape or a pretty color (s).

Found a mayonnaise jar with a drop left in side. Almost done. Good enough. I dumped a glob of it in the sink – hoping it would not clog anything. Then I began washing out the inside – repeatedly- since it was oily and a little disgusting. Drying off my hands I ran outside and began digging up some mud.

I felt like I was being watched and I imagined a neighbor of mine just staring and trying to figure out what in heavens earths name I was doing.

I felt like waving to the flickering window-shade. I did not though cuz my hands were full.

I ran inside realized I had forgotten the rest of the steps.

Google – of course knew the answers.

I ran outside again and took out a cup then filled it with more dirt (so it says sand– no one will be able to tell- right?)

Put all the rest of the stuff in- added water and began shaking till my arms were a little tired.

I promptly stuffed it in a bag so it wouldn’t leak and I opened the trunk unceremoniously I dumped it in, ‘see ya in a month’ I muttered and slammed it shut.

The window shade flickered again.

I imagined my beautiful necklace .


My next project: making butterfly earrings (Are they still around? Or is it too cold for them? Do you think that I will be able to find two that are the same exact size? It would probably look super cool!)



The stinkbug that wouldn’t die!


Last night as I was crawling into my bed exhausted after a very long and eventful weekend. I picked up the covers and saw a little flattish type of bug. I identified it almost immediately- it was a stinkbug! It had been placed strategically. It was there as soon as I would get into bed -I couldn’t help but notice it.

(I was very glad I had not removed my glasses yet or I never would have noticed it)

Immediately all the suspects flashed across my mind and I went through all of them. Even when I told those individuals I thought may be the guilty parties–they found it humorous but did not look guilty. No one did.

I told my sister to get a cup since you can guess the ramifications of killing a stinkbug. Especially since it was on my bed, she ran and got a plastic cup. I shoved it in, put a shoe at the other end and ran with it.

‘Where should we put it?’ I whispered to my sister (trying not to wake up the whole household.)

‘Let’s flush it’ she whispered back.

I decided it was a great idea.

I flicked it out of the cup and into the toilet.

And flushed.

For the oddest reason it clung to the side of the toilet bowl and refused to go down.

‘Die!’ I told it.

It was not the very obedient type I guess.

I flushed again.

It was sticking to the side and not budging.

Then it began climbing up the side into the crevices where the water comes out. (I never noticed those before either!)

I imagined someone sitting on the toilet and being in for a little surprise. I was hoping that someone would not be me.

I flushed again and almost began yelling as it slid back down a little but still stuck to the side.

I took the cup, dragged it to the water and pressed it against the side. It began doing the backstroke- quite unconcerned regarding the chaos it was creating.

I tried to squish it, smush it, drown it.

Nothing- no results.

Oh no! I said and began to try other methods.

This was when I realized the cup was getting a little wet and it was full of toilet water. Thankfully I had not gotten wet—Yet!

Then the little stinkbug got bored of swimming and decided to float on a life-preserver (aka the cup).

With no alternative options I had to get the tips of my fingers a little wet, I mean I simply couldn’t have a stinkbug sit like that in middle of the toilet, floating there for the next hapless victim.

I gagged four times.

Finally grabbed it dumped the whole thing in the garbage and tried smashing it but again it was too fast for me and scuttled through the garbage. I most certainly was not sticking my hands in the garbage (I draw my line somewhere!!) I walked away.


This morning I was awoken rudely from my sleep by a friendly ZZZ-ing sound.

By the time it registered what it was I was across the room in seconds and informed my sister that she had to get me bug spray or something to get rid of it. She had been screaming in volume 500. Not even saying english words just the plain ‘aaahhhhh’ type of shrieking.

The friendly bee landed on my bed (specifically on my blanket) I sprayed it vigorously. It died and left a spot of moisture surrounding the dead friend. I removed it carefully with a paper-towel.

(Of course I could not help but chase my sister around with the bee just for kicks)

I was told by every member of the household to change my linen ASAP.

Ice-Cream Creamsicle


I searched and searched and searched.

I googled and googled it and googled it some more.

I tried a myriad of different ways to rephrase it.


My great aunts recipe for Ice-cream -Creamsicle was just no where to be found.

No slight variations.

Nothing even remotely similar.

Before I sat down to cry I decided to think about it and compile a list of what it had in it, I don’t even like following recipes so I don’t know why I was so irritated.

Maybe it was the memory of eating it. It was like eating a bowl full of cool-sunshiny-happiness.

I wanted to replicate it.


Well I simply would have to make it without it.

I asked my mother for her opinion on the matter as well.

She helped me with compiling the list.

Whatever I may have missed she let me know.

I bought the ingredients I felt would be in there. ( Like the can of orange juice from concentrate, and the dessert whips..)

And began working in the kitchen.

And working in the kitchen.

And working in the kitchen.

After the masterpiece was done I insisted that everyone try it.

I didn’t even give them the option of saying no.

But by everyone’s sighs of pleasure  I realized.

I had replicated it.

Thrilled was not the word.

Even though the whole thing was gone.

The memory of it was present.

It was worth it.

Recipe: By me! (And my mom-Not great aunt Edna 😉

1 can of orange juice from concentrate –blend – Keep separate from the rest of ingredients!  You can add food coloring if you so desired. I desired.

For the ice-cream part

A bunch of eggs ( I think it was 4 separate and fluff the whites so its fluffy)

A Dessert whip (rich’s whip a reg. size maybe 12 oz or 16, 12 oz makes more sense actually.)

1 Packet of Vanilla pudding


Put together the ice-cream part and put in a 9×13 pan. Then put the orange mush on top. Take a spatula and slightly marbleize it.

For a variation- you can take a cookie sheet (tip: bigger than the 9×13) put down baking paper and put down all the orange mush. Freeze (until completely frozen) and pile the ice-cream on top then gently pull off the baking paper and roll so it will look cool. Cut into slices.



If you have any issues please let me know! Keep me posted!!

Its Monday again


Every time I turn around its Monday again.

And yes it is that kind of day.

No parking spots.

At all.

Circling till running late to class.

Parking a three parking lots away.

Running, panting, and holding lots of luggage, including rain gear, notebooks, pens, water, and a phone.

Professor leaving the class.

Wondering were she is heading.

Breathing hard, I ask.

She explains that I obviously failed to look at today’s schedule since we are going to the library for a tutorial.

Do not stop to take a drink of water –desperately needed.

Its 9:05

12:00 comes along slowly enough and I run out of class.

Forget to the bookstore for name-card.

Feeling fat.

Go to the Gym.

Not wearing sneakers.

Being kicked out till I have proper footgear.

Coming back ( yup panting again)

Come back all the machines I wanted to use – in use.


I walk around track.

Do it fast because its boring.

Running to car.

Running to work.

Doing discharge files.

Tedious work.

Get three bad paper-cuts. (From folders = the painful type)

Bleeding, stopping to Band-Aid self.

Trying to finish up before I leave.

Do not want to be stuck doing this tomorrow.

Mondays are a ball.

Never cease to be amazed

Every Monday is a New Monday.

New stresses

New situations

New stickiness.

I am glad to have a week until the next Monday comes around.

Cow eye-balls and a warm sunny day


May actually a good combination.  According to some -anyways.

Today was the first day of Anatomy and Physiology 2, lab class. We were given eyeballs to cut open after learning a little bit about it.

It’s strange since I am not one who gets grossed out by these things (like when we did the brain I was actually enjoying myself – a little too much, much to everyone else’s consternation.) Blood and guts never disgust me. It’s usually cool.

Either I just got older (like I don’t like roller coasters anymore…), or its just eyeballs specifically. We had to watch a video of a professor cutting open the eyeball and pointing out the different parts.

My eyes were tearing away – in middle I had to even look away. It was so grotesque since there was lots of jelly mush (aka vitreous humor) all over the place.

For some odd reason my eyeball came out ‘the most massacred’ everyone else’s eyeball was surprisingly copybook. Except for mine. Probably the cow had glaucoma – totally not my fault.

The professor came around to check everyone’s and her eyebrows went up a notch when it came to mine.

“It’s the cow..” I tried explaining.

She nodded, disbelieving.

Oh, well.

The weather was gorgeously hot and while stopping off at 7/11 to get Slurpee’s I kept on smelling my hands.

I had washed them – but they still reeked.

The cashier stared.

Maybe it was subconscious.

It was a good day all in all; I mean a dissected eyeball, stunning weather, a Slurpee, what could be better?


My professor let me out 20 minutes early.


I thanked my lucky stars.

So today I went shopping.

I needed to go to stores I have never been in before I needed that sense of adventure and discovery and who knew – maybe I would even stumble upon a cool store with awesomely good stuff.

So I drove. And drove. I went far enough so I did not recognize anything. Not the stores, not the people and most certainly not the lampposts (they were medieval looking).

The neighborhood turned into city feeling. With meters lots of parallel cars parked or parking. I have absolutely no clue how to do that (parallel parking), as it is I have difficulty staying in the lines with regular, normal parking (quick tip for those in the same boat as me – do those drive through spots they’re great!)

Behind a bank I found a parking lot thrilled to pieces I zoomed in and realized that it was too good to be true so it must be illegal or something. But all I saw was a parking spot labeled ‘parking lot B’ in black bold letters. I did a quick drive through. Finished a bar of chocolate. (Lunch) and began walking toward all the stores. There were lots of nail salons, lots of restaurants, and tons of thrift shops and second hand stores.

Yay! They are the types of stores I am looking for! (I exclaimed in volume 500 – in my head 🙂

The first store was closed the second store was closed the third one was a consignment store. But nothing caught my eye and nothing seemed worth it and I was not thrilled at the idea of some stranger wearing clothes before I did. Objects seemed more okay. Also I don’t know how they clean it.

I looked through most stuff yet left soon after nothing seemed worth it.

The next store was set up really cool. Lots of jewelry hanging from lots of different things cool mirrors and armoires full of jewelry. Jewelry happens to be a favorite thing of mine (I have more that 25 favorite things) so I was really excited.

The salesgirl asked me if I was looking for something specific. “Long silver earrings,” I told her.

She tried to help me sort through to find what I wanted. They had some really pretty ones but nothing that jumped out at me, and it was not in my price range. Although, that would not have stopped me had there been something that totally blew me away.

After going to a few more stores and not getting anything, I ran back to the parking lot, glad to see that my car was not towed away.

I needed to get gas (and decided not to play the game called ‘lets see how far we can get till we run outa gas’  – game.) so I did and after continued going for long enough to find a shopping center with Annie Sez, Kohls etc…

I bought two pairs of heels, two nail polishes and surprisingly one (bright red) lipstick.

Then I realized I had to run to work.