I have to pack.

I am going away for the month of August.

I tried, I really did.

But every time I did I got distracted.

First by music.

Then by makeup.

Later  by the mail.

After, by the UPS.

I got a call that it turns out I have to leave a little  earlier than what it was originally.

So while I realize the urgency of the situation I still did nothing active about it.

I am sure it’s the weather.

Weather like this just saps you of your energy and strength it takes so much out of you.

Can we invent something that doesn’t allow that? (besides swimming, I mean that has been invented already)

Maybe special clothes that contain air ventilations with ice cold air blowing.

Or cold jewelry. (like the metal that always stay ice-cold)

Either way my packing is still not done.

I am currently at work and am energized and ready to get packing done, slight issue, as I said previously, I am at work.

So while I (finally) decided to procrastinate procrastination, it’s too late for that.

I know myself; I will do the last minute packing ‘game’.

It (usually) involves one person running in circles screaming repeatedly they cannot find an item they are looking to pack. As soon as they find that item it goes in the suitcase and the screaming resumes for the next item. After everything on the list gets crossed off the individual runs to the car jumps in and zooms off.

It’s a very exciting game, not for the individual obviously, but for any bystanders.


4 comments on “I have to pack.

  1. Isabelle says:

    i cannot listen 2 music at the same time as doin sumthing. as a matter of fact, i was listening 2 music right now and had 2 shut it to post this comment! and about u packing, i play the same game as you!! i scream and literally run around my room dumpin my whole drawer in2 my suitcase cuz i cud never make decisions of wat 2 pak!! u no sumtimes i feel like were relatd!!

  2. tbree1 says:

    Ha! can u video it at the next available op? Id luv to see other but similar versions of my game ! 😉

  3. gitty says:

    i have to pack too for two days. whatever, it’ll get done. eventually. i mean i wont actually go without packing so……i might as well take at shot at this game…….

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