Staying AWAKE!


The wave of exhaustion that was hitting me this Tuesday early afternoon was simply ridiculous. My eyes were closing on its own accord. Its not even like I haven’t slept enough (I don’t think ) I even slept later than usual. My allergies were (still) bothering me and I haven’t made enough of an effort to follow through with all of my allergy solutions. OTC allergy meds haven’t been as helpful as I hoped but a side effect of it is extreme exhaustion which makes it hard to focus on the work at hand.

Some solutions:

  1. Pour a cup of ice water down your back, if you cant do it to yourself have a coworker do the honors (Tip: Close the door so other individuals do not cart you away due to the nervous-breakdown–like noises)
  2. Rub your face with ice cream
  3. Bite a lemon
  4. Get out of seated position and proceed to do 15 jumping jacks (ignore all of the stares you will get.)
  5. Do a headstand for 5 minutes (or until your face is red enough.)
  6. Jog in place
  7. Proceed to take off extra layers and turn the decrease the temperature (when you are good and frozen only then can you put back on those ‘extra’ clothes)
  8. Drink a mint tea
  9. Write a list of 30 reasons you really need to stay awake.
  10. Think funny thoughts – laugh loudly.
  11. Brighten up the room- put on all the lights, open the window shades.
  12. Open the windows when a bee comes in run around the room screeching like a banshee.
  13. Do some yoga (google the specific kinds that wake you up)
  14. Pinch yourself repeatedly, after you have enough black and blue marks all over put ice on it.
  15. Stand on your desk and sing an annoying song on volume 500, after enough people hear you enough tomatoes, pens, tape etc. will be thrown in your vicinity. Get off your chair and pick up all the junk that has accumulated.

This is just a starter… there are plenty of more… creative options… I would love to hear yours!


 I went to health food store and explained to the guy all of my ‘ailments’ (like reynauds= poor blood circulation) . So he made me stand barefoot on a mat with painful spikes poking out and stuff! He explained to me how its an accupressure mat and its really helpful for my blood circulation. He also mentioned my face was turning flushed from the blood circulating  I didnt bother mention that I was blushing because I was embarrassed and I looked like an absolute idiot- lol I wasnt really since I didnt know anyone anyways 😉
He also gave me this oil you are supposed to put wherever it hurts. My allergies have been acting up (congested, sore throat, runny nose etc.) He let me test it out first and he gave me a cotton ball which he put some of the oil on it, it smelled very strong. But I did as i was told and rubbed it on my forehead, temples and around my nose , and within minutes I felt tingling and it was gone (lol not my forehead and temples and nose – that would have been retarded – the pain and congestion was gone!) I hope its not too dangerous ( even though its all natural oils) I have been using it all day to help with the allergies! Its been working like a miracle (check it out at

Allergies – Oh no!


Last year I didn’t suffer from allergies and was thrilled that I was finally ‘over it,’however I was sadly mistaken. The reason why I hadn’t been affected by allergies was because of honey.

Last year for the whole year beginning from November through August I had taken honey (1 Tablespoon, before bedtime) because I was into this ‘honey diet’ which was supposed to make you sleep better. It helped me with that and it had one unusual side effect – it made me immune to seasonal allergies, just for the season.

After some time, I completely forgot about the honey diet, as well as my allergies.

Three weeks ago my allergies were back = with a vengeance!

After reading up on what helps prevent it, and honey was on the ‘list,’ I realized I had to go back to the honey.

You are supposed to use locally grown honey, because the bees buzz all around and make honey. Inside the honey is natural- immunity (like a shot) because of the pollen local to that area is what would be affecting you.

I began taking the honey and it helped but two days ago my throat began to tickle.

This morning it was not funny!

I wouldn’t stop sneezing.

(If I were in a car accident because of a sneeze do you think I would be at fault?

I wonder.)

My next thing I must try is Butterbur. There has been enough evidence that has satisfied my innate curiosity. It’s only toxic if the company hasn’t taken out the pyrrolizidine alkaloids which are toxic to the liver. But other than that it was used to treat coughs, asthma, and wounds. Researchers have identified what is in butterbur that help reduce allergy symptoms it inhibits leukotrienes and histamines.

The other natural things were simply not feasible, like cut out sugar, wheat and dairy. (What is a hot day without a smoothie?) Those things heightened inflammation of any sort. But maybe I could try increasing my intake of Omega 3s and that would counteract any inflammation (due to junk food and dairy) as Omegas 3s achieve the exact opposite effect.

I will try to keep you all posted. I will buy butterbur first thing tomorrow!

I killed him

I was shocked.

It’s kinda his fault anyway I mean he ran into the street.

I tried convincing myself.

I was not convinced.

My mind kept rewinding – back to the thump of his little body under my tires.

What an awful way to die, he was probably young and had his whole life ahead of him.

Well he was chasing a bird into the street.

I tried convincing myself.

I was not convinced.

My brain kept on showing his little gray furry image lying on his back, paws up… and the blood!

The poor little squirrel.

I wish I wasn’t running off to work.

Then I would at least bury it.

I felt rotten the entire day.

I am having a panic attack

I informed everyone at my brother’s b-day party, in a calm voice.

My throat felt like it was constricting and I was having difficulty breathing, my heart felt like it was beating wrong.

“What are you panicking about,” mom asked concerned.

“Nothing that I am aware of.”

“I must be panicking because I have nothing to panic about.”


I explained my symptoms.

My father asked if I just had a huge, intense coffee.

“Nope- I said, I haven’t had one all day.”

Did you eat anything different? An energy drink or something?

“No” I said.

Then I realized I had tried a new kind of chocolate – an 82% cocao chocolate bar.

It tasted like the really healthy kind. I have eaten high percentage cocoa chocolate in the past other types – I am weird and love that kind.

“It’s a caffeine rush.”  My father informed me.

“Have some magnesium.”

Ahhhh! Pimples!

Last night I noticed a few pimples on my face.

Not huge ones, but pimples. (Plural)

I had to act, before it became an epidemic.

I stayed up late googling and figuring out different options – I need good skin- always, why should I have to wear foundation?

The product that kept on popping up was Secret Indian Aztec Healing Clay.

It seemed to have the best reviews.

The best price.

The coolest properties.

The most exotic name.

The most interesting picture.

There was no way I could get the product by tomorrow morning I told myself. I googled stores. It didn’t seem to be sold anywhere near me. I then called all the health food stores I know.

Finally I found it! I drove myself the health food store. It was a nice store because it was large. Plus everything was labeled very clearly.

I walked in found the right aisle. Found it. Picked it up checked out and shot out of the store as fast as I could. I had schoolwork that had to be done. Work to go to. And an exam to study for.

(This was pretty impressive ~for me to just have a ton of self-control for no good (enough) reason!)

I sped home.

I felt this burning need to use the exciting, novelty. It was a powdered clay, that you have to add apple cider vinegar (yes-smells delicious 😉 Then you keep it on your face for a half of an hour. I had to go to work, but if I timed it right I would be able to do it. (And while it was hardening I could study!)


Finally it was time!!

I took a washcloth and made it boiling hot. I then began wiping off the hardening cement.

It took time but eventually it was all off.

I stared at myself carefully in the mirror and although it said your face may turn red- this took red to a whole new level!

How on earth was I going to work?

Tough! I told myself I shouldn’t have ignored the little voice in my head telling me to do it later tonight.

It was a first time use and that meant any pimples I had and wasn’t aware of, was brought to the surface.


I asked my co-worker if there was anything different about me today.

“Well, you have pimples….. What happened to your nice skin?”

It does not warrant a comment!


I made a nice oatmeal facemask, cuz I decided my face needed something else.

I whipped it up quickly since it’s a really easy recipe – consisting of egg-white and oatmeal smeared on face and left on for 15-20 minutes.

I was lying on a recliner, waiting for it to harden.

My father walked by and turned to my older brother, “this looks like an ad for something.”

My niece toddled by. She is a really precocious 2-year-old. Nope I am totally not a biased aunt or something!

“What’s that?” she asked.

“Oatmeal.” I responded.

“Can I have some?” Cuz clearly if I was putting it on my face, it was something worthwhile.

“No- it’s silly!” I sat her on my lap and told her, “Feel it”.

She did and then agreed she did not want it after all. Once it’s halfway dried it has a very spongy, icky consistency.

I let her into my room and sat her down allowing her to watch YouTube clips of random stuff.

In middle she turns to me and said, “You know,” (referring to my face,) “it’s weird!”

Then she insisted on using all of my makeup which I willingly complied – I love putting makeup on people. When I told her we were done and after the little girl inspected herself in the mirror and gave the okay –she then insisted that I had to put makeup on her doll. Her doll had a filthy face and I had to use nail polish remover to take off all the dirt. But after it actually looked pretty decent.

I took her out of my room to give her icecream (ha because I am not her mother – I get to spoil her rotten, and mind you this was waay after her bedtime!) I passed my brother in law in the hall.

His eyebrows shot up “Who pied you?”

My niece looked up at me, “It’s weird.” She informed me (again)

Okaaay I had more than enough comments I think it is time to wash it off!