Staying AWAKE!


The wave of exhaustion that was hitting me this Tuesday early afternoon was simply ridiculous. My eyes were closing on its own accord. Its not even like I haven’t slept enough (I don’t think ) I even slept later than usual. My allergies were (still) bothering me and I haven’t made enough of an effort to follow through with all of my allergy solutions. OTC allergy meds haven’t been as helpful as I hoped but a side effect of it is extreme exhaustion which makes it hard to focus on the work at hand.

Some solutions:

  1. Pour a cup of ice water down your back, if you cant do it to yourself have a coworker do the honors (Tip: Close the door so other individuals do not cart you away due to the nervous-breakdown–like noises)
  2. Rub your face with ice cream
  3. Bite a lemon
  4. Get out of seated position and proceed to do 15 jumping jacks (ignore all of the stares you will get.)
  5. Do a headstand for 5 minutes (or until your face is red enough.)
  6. Jog in place
  7. Proceed to take off extra layers and turn the decrease the temperature (when you are good and frozen only then can you put back on those ‘extra’ clothes)
  8. Drink a mint tea
  9. Write a list of 30 reasons you really need to stay awake.
  10. Think funny thoughts – laugh loudly.
  11. Brighten up the room- put on all the lights, open the window shades.
  12. Open the windows when a bee comes in run around the room screeching like a banshee.
  13. Do some yoga (google the specific kinds that wake you up)
  14. Pinch yourself repeatedly, after you have enough black and blue marks all over put ice on it.
  15. Stand on your desk and sing an annoying song on volume 500, after enough people hear you enough tomatoes, pens, tape etc. will be thrown in your vicinity. Get off your chair and pick up all the junk that has accumulated.

This is just a starter… there are plenty of more… creative options… I would love to hear yours!


Its Monday again


Every time I turn around its Monday again.

And yes it is that kind of day.

No parking spots.

At all.

Circling till running late to class.

Parking a three parking lots away.

Running, panting, and holding lots of luggage, including rain gear, notebooks, pens, water, and a phone.

Professor leaving the class.

Wondering were she is heading.

Breathing hard, I ask.

She explains that I obviously failed to look at today’s schedule since we are going to the library for a tutorial.

Do not stop to take a drink of water –desperately needed.

Its 9:05

12:00 comes along slowly enough and I run out of class.

Forget to the bookstore for name-card.

Feeling fat.

Go to the Gym.

Not wearing sneakers.

Being kicked out till I have proper footgear.

Coming back ( yup panting again)

Come back all the machines I wanted to use – in use.


I walk around track.

Do it fast because its boring.

Running to car.

Running to work.

Doing discharge files.

Tedious work.

Get three bad paper-cuts. (From folders = the painful type)

Bleeding, stopping to Band-Aid self.

Trying to finish up before I leave.

Do not want to be stuck doing this tomorrow.

Mondays are a ball.

Never cease to be amazed

Every Monday is a New Monday.

New stresses

New situations

New stickiness.

I am glad to have a week until the next Monday comes around.


My professor let me out 20 minutes early.


I thanked my lucky stars.

So today I went shopping.

I needed to go to stores I have never been in before I needed that sense of adventure and discovery and who knew – maybe I would even stumble upon a cool store with awesomely good stuff.

So I drove. And drove. I went far enough so I did not recognize anything. Not the stores, not the people and most certainly not the lampposts (they were medieval looking).

The neighborhood turned into city feeling. With meters lots of parallel cars parked or parking. I have absolutely no clue how to do that (parallel parking), as it is I have difficulty staying in the lines with regular, normal parking (quick tip for those in the same boat as me – do those drive through spots they’re great!)

Behind a bank I found a parking lot thrilled to pieces I zoomed in and realized that it was too good to be true so it must be illegal or something. But all I saw was a parking spot labeled ‘parking lot B’ in black bold letters. I did a quick drive through. Finished a bar of chocolate. (Lunch) and began walking toward all the stores. There were lots of nail salons, lots of restaurants, and tons of thrift shops and second hand stores.

Yay! They are the types of stores I am looking for! (I exclaimed in volume 500 – in my head 🙂

The first store was closed the second store was closed the third one was a consignment store. But nothing caught my eye and nothing seemed worth it and I was not thrilled at the idea of some stranger wearing clothes before I did. Objects seemed more okay. Also I don’t know how they clean it.

I looked through most stuff yet left soon after nothing seemed worth it.

The next store was set up really cool. Lots of jewelry hanging from lots of different things cool mirrors and armoires full of jewelry. Jewelry happens to be a favorite thing of mine (I have more that 25 favorite things) so I was really excited.

The salesgirl asked me if I was looking for something specific. “Long silver earrings,” I told her.

She tried to help me sort through to find what I wanted. They had some really pretty ones but nothing that jumped out at me, and it was not in my price range. Although, that would not have stopped me had there been something that totally blew me away.

After going to a few more stores and not getting anything, I ran back to the parking lot, glad to see that my car was not towed away.

I needed to get gas (and decided not to play the game called ‘lets see how far we can get till we run outa gas’  – game.) so I did and after continued going for long enough to find a shopping center with Annie Sez, Kohls etc…

I bought two pairs of heels, two nail polishes and surprisingly one (bright red) lipstick.

Then I realized I had to run to work.


My niece is a character

I went over to her house today to help my sister pack. She is moving this Sunday and has no movers, is not packed and a darling daughter who unpacks as she packs.

I would be very frustrated if I were her.

As it is I came over to help and was not the most thrilled person out there after she unpacked a box I had just packed.

“Oh no- What are you doing?” I said in an unhappy tone of voice to my little two-year-old niece.

I did not get a response from her – she just looked at me and continued to unpack all her toys.

I couldn’t help but smile at her.

She had the most trouble-making face on and she had stamped her eyelids with blue ink.

I looked at my sister to see her reaction.

“Darling you can only play with one toy now, the rest is going to stay in the box.” She said tiredly and unconvincingly.

The darling just looked at her and continued yanking all the items I had put inside the box.

We just looked at each other, and then I said. “My gosh I can’t even get mad at her face is covered in stamps she looks hilariously funny!”

“I know! The stamps were near my makeup and she thought it was makeup.” She laughed and said “You should see her after she gets into my makeup…”

I smiled and then she said,

“Her face, the walls …everything in sight.”

I left soon after.

I have to pack.

I am going away for the month of August.

I tried, I really did.

But every time I did I got distracted.

First by music.

Then by makeup.

Later  by the mail.

After, by the UPS.

I got a call that it turns out I have to leave a little  earlier than what it was originally.

So while I realize the urgency of the situation I still did nothing active about it.

I am sure it’s the weather.

Weather like this just saps you of your energy and strength it takes so much out of you.

Can we invent something that doesn’t allow that? (besides swimming, I mean that has been invented already)

Maybe special clothes that contain air ventilations with ice cold air blowing.

Or cold jewelry. (like the metal that always stay ice-cold)

Either way my packing is still not done.

I am currently at work and am energized and ready to get packing done, slight issue, as I said previously, I am at work.

So while I (finally) decided to procrastinate procrastination, it’s too late for that.

I know myself; I will do the last minute packing ‘game’.

It (usually) involves one person running in circles screaming repeatedly they cannot find an item they are looking to pack. As soon as they find that item it goes in the suitcase and the screaming resumes for the next item. After everything on the list gets crossed off the individual runs to the car jumps in and zooms off.

It’s a very exciting game, not for the individual obviously, but for any bystanders.

Health food- healthy now? What about in twenty years from now?

Today I went to the health food store. I like those types of stores. It makes me feel healthy. The lights and the ambiance, the products. Most of which the average person has never even heard of. Everything looks very inviting.  In general I walk out with more than one ‘impulse purchase’.

Today I had some time constraints so I only walked out with one random thing-‘healthy gum.’

Instead of adding sugar they added a healthier alternative something like Stevia.

I find it all very humorous. Because right now some things seem really salubrious but I do know that in twenty years from now they will find out how unhealthy it really is!

I have a great aunt, a really sweet charming old lady. She had two kids. While she was pregnant with them she was taking this health pill that was supposed to be the ‘best thing’. It was the hottest thing on the health food market. (On a side note: This was 50 years ago) The  problem with that was that it ended up not being the ‘best thing’- her two children ended up being sterile (could not have children-they ended up adopting) I think that is pretty sad, since at the time the research wasn’t perfect.

No system is perfect and even today there are things that everyone is touting as the greatest healthy product out there when in reality it can really harm you. Enough research hasn’t been done to anything just yet. And do yourself a favor. Do not be that gullible that you think that research has been done and all you need to do is buy the products on the shelves. Who do you think does the research on the new products?  Duh! The companies that have made it. In reality how involved are they with the research? VERY! (Like any soy product is extremely harmful for your hormones most people are unaware of it, and at the health food store they were pushing it at people to give soy formula to their infants! Terrible!)

Anyways the gum that I walked out with officially had calcium, B-12, and a few other exciting ingredients. It even claims that it changes the PH of your mouth to kill the cavity causing bacteria. I chomped on my gum even harder hoping all the vitamins would go into my body (Oral absorption- it claimed) so I could spit it out already.

Okay- I agree, I am just as bad as everyone else.