I went to health food store and explained to the guy all of my ‘ailments’ (like reynauds= poor blood circulation) . So he made me stand barefoot on a mat with painful spikes poking out and stuff! He explained to me how its an accupressure mat and its really helpful for my blood circulation. He also mentioned my face was turning flushed from the blood circulating  I didnt bother mention that I was blushing because I was embarrassed and I looked like an absolute idiot- lol I wasnt really since I didnt know anyone anyways 😉
He also gave me this oil you are supposed to put wherever it hurts. My allergies have been acting up (congested, sore throat, runny nose etc.) He let me test it out first and he gave me a cotton ball which he put some of the oil on it, it smelled very strong. But I did as i was told and rubbed it on my forehead, temples and around my nose , and within minutes I felt tingling and it was gone (lol not my forehead and temples and nose – that would have been retarded – the pain and congestion was gone!) I hope its not too dangerous ( even though its all natural oils) I have been using it all day to help with the allergies! Its been working like a miracle (check it out at http://www.Mindbodysouloil.com

Spring cleaning


Once a year I get into this mood

The kind of moods which oddly enough is too practical and almost boring

I feel an absurd need to throw out all of the things I haven’t used in a while

Like about a year or so.

Then I clean like mad.

This year

The mood happened

But then I read a diy blog

And it explained how you can easily take things apart and make it like new.

In a cool and fun  – even a little exciting sorta way.

That got my creative juices flowing.

I took a dress I was about to throw out and made it into a super cool skirt- halfway through I realized I don’t sew.

I took a nice shirt I had that had an oil stain the size of a quarter dumped it on my bed and categorized it in the gonna dye it file.

But it stopped my practical cleanup kinda mood.

It’s a liiitttllleee bit of a problem.

You see, I need to see the floor of my room once in a while.

To bad – there’s always next year.

Feeling purple-y


The feeling did not rid itself

It only grew

It was the happy kinda feeling

Spring in the air

Combined with purply excitement

So I did

Purple from head to toe

And yet it just grew

It didn’t seem to be satiated

I borrowed my sisters purple shoes

Put on a super cool lavander button down shirt

And a darker shade of purple – a pullover

I put on a new (I had just made) beaded necklace

Purple crystal earrings

Purple eyeshadow

Yet it only grew

I drove purply and butterfly like

Sorry – y’all on the highway

That was me weaving, drifting and floating

Music blearing

Purple-y wahoo!

Dried Gourds


As of the latest arts and crafts ideas have been varied but nothing awesomely-amazing, nothing awe-inspiring and nothing remotely magical popped into my head.

It was for that unfortunate reason I did a decent craft with buttons on canvas but that was it.

There was nothing that grabbed my interest enough, for me to get off chair.

(And note this is referring to a CRAFT idea- nothing else- that means it excludes this mornings routine of doing 35 jumping-jacks on my bed(mom do not look at this sentence please) and jumping rope 50 times. As well as, creating a recipe which includes ingredients the average individual never heard of – so healthy your stomach hurts by just looking at it! Don’t worry it wasn’t for me 😉

Then I was searching through various articles and found an interesting one (this was when I was at work- of course – that’s the only time I make any time to read anything besides for silly novels.)

Gourds were the first thing to be used as containers for storage (states the article I read). After drying it out (a process that can take around 3 months) they were then used for storage, bowls, and other exciting stuff. After they utilized it for boring regular things they kind of realized hey- just because it’s functional doesn’t mean it cant be pretty that was when they began decorating it – making it super cool- works of art.

In my head I piped up – ‘hey me too!’

I imagined my mom’s expression when she found various gourds hanging from various light fixtures. I smiled.

I may not have 3 months – I may just have to buy a squash that has been dried already. Its only a little shortcut (but its probably the first practical short-cut I have taken in a while).

Wahoo!! Fellow artists – watch out for some serious competition 😉

Malaprop – ing


After going to work, leaving for a class at school, coming back to work, I was totally spent.

A therapist came into my office. “Do you have a one hole type of hole-puncher?” he asked.

I handed him a stapler. “Here you go!”

He looked at me stupidly. “A hole puncher?”

I nodded still handing it to him.

There was no delicate way to say this, “That’s a stapler.”


It was odd because I heard him, but my mind just didn’t get it.

It’s like when you say something that you do not mean. It can get a little embarrassing even, especially when you aren’t even close.

“Hi- You left your shoe on my desk? – oh whoops I meant -can I have the clipboard?”

It leaves everyone wondering if English is your first language, or if you are all there- like what are you on?

The nicer of the bunch will just assume you haven’t slept much.

Liz is a sneaky one!

She has to be.

See, Liz, is my car. I have established that she has a very distinct personality and sense of humor.

I suspect, however, she does something extremely odd when I am on the road.

Wherever I go I get brighted/ flashed.

Both the back and from cars passing me, going in the opposite direction.

I am truly, thoroughly, mystified.

I have on countless occasions gotten out of my car to see if maybe a brake light was out, or maybe one of my front lights were. That hasn’t been the case.

And nope – it hasn’t always been policemen around either.

I am not a paranoid, since all passengers have agreed with me and gone out of Liz scratching their head. Baffled.

No- I am not usually high, and do not drive like a drunkard.

I don’t drive exceptionally slow.

I do not drive exceptionally fast.

Liz is has been up to something. I wish I knew what it is.

I am aware that its personal, because when other people have driven her, there were no issues.

Its okay though, every car has its quirks.

Like every person has their idiosyncrasies.

And I like cars with personality.

I’m 21!


Today was a big day, although it started out last night, we went to a quarry, met up with a skeleton coming out of a creaky door. The three of us raced to the car, our hearts in our throats.

Drove back, drove through a park (that you are meant to walk through- but its so unsafe to do so at so late at night and as a result we drove through the path around the lake.)

The driver was a blondie (stereotype – and she claimed the road- just turned into this and what was she supposed to do) Liz purred in agreement.

I got back and at 12, I poured myself a big glass of red wine. Drank it. Felt somewhat entitled. I went to bed.

As a 21 year old I am not sure I feel much older, and more mature (although that is what I claimed to those that text-ed me and asked what I feel like today.)

Oh and although I would’ve thought that at age 21 I am older and wiser – I am the first but totally not the second. My friends shocked me out of my wits by surprising me at work! I never would’ve thought… Maybe when I am 22 😉