My niece is a character

I went over to her house today to help my sister pack. She is moving this Sunday and has no movers, is not packed and a darling daughter who unpacks as she packs.

I would be very frustrated if I were her.

As it is I came over to help and was not the most thrilled person out there after she unpacked a box I had just packed.

“Oh no- What are you doing?” I said in an unhappy tone of voice to my little two-year-old niece.

I did not get a response from her – she just looked at me and continued to unpack all her toys.

I couldn’t help but smile at her.

She had the most trouble-making face on and she had stamped her eyelids with blue ink.

I looked at my sister to see her reaction.

“Darling you can only play with one toy now, the rest is going to stay in the box.” She said tiredly and unconvincingly.

The darling just looked at her and continued yanking all the items I had put inside the box.

We just looked at each other, and then I said. “My gosh I can’t even get mad at her face is covered in stamps she looks hilariously funny!”

“I know! The stamps were near my makeup and she thought it was makeup.” She laughed and said “You should see her after she gets into my makeup…”

I smiled and then she said,

“Her face, the walls …everything in sight.”

I left soon after.


Boys can be so absolutely clueless.

So totally absolutely clueless.

One evening my brother knocked on my bedroom door.

“Come in” I said.

He came in to say hi, since there can be times we can go for weeks without seeing each other due to our (mostly my) crazy schedule(s).

He plopped himself down and while we were talking he picked up an item I had just bought from the top of my dresser.

“What is this?!” He asked totally mystified.

I looked at him amused, and I decided to allow him to figure it out.

“uh… An elephant toe nail clipper?

“Warm, but not quite, guess again” I smiled as I took the eyelash curler from him.

“My gosh – and what is this, did a chicken stop by or something.”

“No an eagle did. And its lavender too!” I put the make-up sponge (a.k.a makeup thingy) from him and put it back in its designated spot. “The eagle and the elephant are actually hanging out as we speak!”

During our discussion he began rubbing his finger over my emery board, “And you stole tongue depressors from the doctor’s  mobile.”

“Absolutely.” I said in a stage whisper and began looking around anxiously.

I was enjoying this way too much. Its kind of endearing when guys do not know any of these types of things.


Have a way of drawing attention your subconscious.

Everyone will see something else in the very same clouds.

Today I did the chilling thing and went to a park –by myself!

I did the brisk warm-up type of walking, and then I did the very comfortable type of sitting.

Even though it was on a rock-which was covered in insects, moss and algae, and was in middle of a brook.

Then I felt the need to experience nature a little more, I did feel the breeze, heard the rushing water, smelled the moss.

I needed to taste it feel it with my fingers and actual live it.

I pulled at a leaf that was dangling in front of me and caressed it against my cheek.

I pulled it apart and inhaled the fresh green refreshing smell.

I chewed it and tasted nature.

The sunshine enveloped me.

The clouds smiled at me happily and contentedly.

It was beautiful.

Feeling right

I went away for a month.

Took off.

Just like that.

I mean I got permission from my boss, had off from college.

But I still took off.

I did it because I am a person that thrives on change.

I need occasional excitement (okay-maybe a little more than occasional)

My life was getting too monotonous.

I accepted a job in the country in a traveling doctor’s office and worked pretty long hours.

But I was constantly meeting new people.

I relearned the art of maneuvering through new and sticky situations.

I resorted myself out.

And I recuperated from the last few months of (high tension, high stress) college.

Sometimes you gotta do what feels right for you.

The Dangers of Multitasking

I read this fascinating article on multitasking; the bottom line – not to do it.

Unless you particularly want continuous mental exhaustion.

It makes us stressed.

Yet everyone does it. The fact you have a cell phone automatically puts you in the category of chronically multitasking.

Peoples IQ will decrease when they are forced to multitask- constantly. (On average of 10 points) That is the equivalence of not sleeping one night.

(They did a study on this one- I am not making this up)

As a result of this study I decided to do something about it, even if it’s a small something.

I turned my phone on silent. So anyone that wants to contact me can. That is only when I am looking at my phone during which I have allotted specific times throughout the day to look at it. Otherwise my performance in everything else is going to go down by 50%! (This is referring to any mental activity.)

Another thing I am going to constantly try to do is give whatever I am doing my undivided attention. Not to do anything or plan anything else while I am doing whatever activity. (This is going to be a challenge – especially if it involves studying – I mean that is what 75% of my studying consists of!—distractions!)

Obviously it’s a great idea in theory let’s see when- and if I actually begin implementing it…

Will keep you posted!

I’m a Big Girl Now!

I went shopping

It was the very independent shopping type.

It was the most enjoyable shopping experience.

At least it is for me.

Since I like to spend hours at stores most people do not enjoy for more than five minutes.

I took a GPS and was so impressed with myself that I did not get lost especially since I did the far-away, very-not-close to home type of shopping.

But the most impressive part of the evening was when I passed a stunning lake and did not pull over to watch the sunset over the water.

I mean I regretted every second that took me farther away.

But I did know that everyone out there that cares about my welfare and well-being would have been pleased with me not stopping at a deserted lake, with the sun going down, twilight coming .It had lots of trees surrounding the area plus I had not told anyone that I was going out.

I think I am growing up!

—Applaud here—–

Truly Chilling

I stayed at my aunt and uncles bungalow colony for a weekend. I had a wonderful time and chilled.

I unplugged myself from any electronics, was not in contact with people other than face to face and truly let myself relax.

I found lots of activities to do and was not bored for a minute.

Everyone should be able to do it, even if it’s just to prove it to yourself that you can, and be okay with it.

I notice that sometimes feel the need to prove to myself the most absurd things.

Like once I was in the Middle East riding on a bus, (the public transportation type) and decided I was too lazy, and although I had already gotten on the bus and paid the bus fare, I tapped the signal to let the driver know I needed to get off. I walked the rest of the way in the sweltering heat.

The oddest thing was that after I got back (and truly cooled off) I felt relieved.

As if until then I was concerned (unconsciously) that I was becoming too dependent on the public transportation.

A few days later I decided I was ridiculous.

Although I do know that I was somewhat glad I acted that way.

Anyways a funny situation; while I was reading in my aunt and uncles living room there was a knock on the door.

It was accompanied by a bunch of giggling and some whispering.

There was no one else around to answer the door.

And I was somewhat curious.

Then I heard my cousin say, ‘my cousin will open the door.’

He is a good kid and I know he wouldn’t do anything mean -like throw slugs, or something boyishly gross.

I swung the door opened. ‘Yes? Can I help you?’

I asked this huge crowd of little boys.

Age range? From about 6-13.

The crowd made way for a little red-faced 8-year-old.

“I am a loser.” He said turning an even darker shade of red. He turned to go.

I immediately understood, he had lost a game/bet and that was the consequence they had chosen for him.

“Oh don’t worry- I don’t think you are.” I responded immediately. He gave me a quick smile (or something that could pass for one) and ran away.

Then something made me realize that for him that was the most embarrassing thing ever.

It was so not.

Any individual would be able to figure that he lost a bet or something.

But because he was underestimating everyone around him, he was mortified.

We do that too. Hopefully not in that scenario 😉

Sometimes we have to do things that are embarrassing. (Dragging a kid out of a store, because of temper tantrums…)

But everyone around us knows grasps the situation. (Okay fine so maybe they think it’s your child when it’s absolutely not and you’re doing someone a favor by watching their kid 😉


Anyways I am very sorry that I haven’t had the opportunity to post in a while, I have been crazy busy.

I will tell you all about my adventures for the past month sometime soon, I just havta sleep for a little bit, to regain a bit of my sanity.