New Years Resolution

I have decided.

I did – but it hasn’t been that long since I have so I don’t know if I will stick to it.

I am on vacation – I wake up late.

Today, I woke up at 11, made myself a wonderful breakfast and took care of my other responsibilities.

Then I began looking through my closet and categorizing what does and doesn’t have its own accessories.

I have lots of necklaces and earrings but I need lots of new colors.

So every morning I wore a top that didn’t have a necklace that matched it, I made one.

This past week I made a gorgeous royal blue necklace to a very blue top I was wearing.

I was wearing a light pink turtleneck and I had made a pendant with lots of light pink pearls all hot-glued on to the round disc. (I had initially brought  for earrings but they didn’t look good as earrings – it was a little much, this was perfect- and I got so many compliments on it)

Today I put on a green  cardigan – I already have a necklace to match it – but I need more options I told myself. And put together a super cool necklace with a pattern of 3 different beads. One was so tiny if you breathed too hard it blew away, the other was glass-  medium sized with white green and yellowish swirls running through it, the third was diamond shaped, curved, flat-ish and a transparent shade of green.

So my project is to make a new accessory with every outfit, top, that I own. It will be some project.

But hey – I am on vacation and am free to do whatever I want!!!!:)

Its not only necklaces though. I can make earrings (I have but nothing that was made to match with something in mind), bracelets ( I watched a you-tube on how to make a super cool bracelet out of  paper!!), rings, etc. The options are endless!

I love options!

Such a liberating feeling – no  tests or reports hanging over my head!


My petit fours

The ‘to do’ list on my night table is just getting longer. Occasionally I cross off a few things, but then I usually add other things.

I promised my sister I would make petit fours for her party. But here is the thing I never did it before – and it’s much harder than it looks.

Sunday evening – I made a plain white cake mixture.

I decided to follow directions to the T- it has to be PERFECT.

I am not a perfectionist by any stretch.

Instead of orange extract I put lemon extract.

I also used a ruler-or at least tried to- but then I noticed my squares were far from perfect. I cut more. But the more I cut the more imperfect they became. I didn’t cry just yet. I stopped the cutting while I was ahead. I then dumped the 9×13 in the freezer. I will deal with it tomorrow – I told myself.

Monday morning – I made a frosting mixture. And- gasp- followed the recipe.

I mixed it till it was so smooth like milk.

I dunked the first square by sticking a kabob skewer through the middle and sitting it on wax paper. I stared at it in shock and horror. The frosting– seeped into the cake. I didn’t cry just yet. I realized I needed to thicken – slight problem I couldn’t add any dairy into it.

I googled alternative options for heavy cream: butter and milk, butter and soy milk etc. nothing that would help me.

I looked through my cabinets and found cornstarch. I hoped that would help me. It better not make it taste nasty.

It was too thick- I glopped the whole mixture on the tops of my petit four squares.  I stuck it back in the freezer. Will deal with it tomorrow I assured myself. It will be easy to deal with it then.

Wednesday I woke up (later than I wanted to) and realized I must get to my petit fours. I pulled them out of the freezer.  I looked at them in consternation. I didn’t cry. They weren’t perfect, heck, they weren’t even square. I whipped up frosting. I totally didn’t follow a recipe – following recipes obviously haven’t helped me.   I dunked them in the frosting mixture. I began to seep into the cake. I added more corn starch. Ran out of confectionary sugar. Dunked whatever I had left for dunking – only about 10. Stuck them in the freezer. Now I have to deal with it tomorrow. Oh well. Oh and I am so not buying them. (or so I think!)


Mixed up

I wasn’t even supposed to go to work today. I really wasn’t. But when my boss texted me to come in for two hours – I agreed. I had a first cousins wedding. I responded to his text while leaving college.  Instead of heading home I headed in the direction of work after my practical exam and looked at the time- it was 2:15.

My clock in the car has always been an hour off. I tried to change it more than once but I never managed to figure out how. Especially when I am driving. It’s not even nice to the other drivers on the road.

Every day on the way to work its 2:20 – and I listen to a radio talk show on finances. It’s interesting enough- and I figured I may as well as learn something. I turned off my music and was shocked when an unfamiliar voice began talking, the little bit I tuned into seemed to be an emotional support hotline- kind of show. Not my speed. Not then anyways.  Odd I thought in my head – I guess Dave Ramsey took the day off.  I double checked that it was 710.

I did not think anything of it.

I walked into work and my co-worker was like. “What are you doing here?”

“What are you doing here?” I countered kinda confused.

She pointed at the clock. 1:30.


I laughed.

Everyone in the office stared at me.

I turned around and said, “well -I will see you all later.”

I laughed the whole way home.


Silhouettes are going to be my next.

My very next.

When I have time – that is.

I find myself running out of time.

Even for things that I have allotted specific time.

I did promise my clinic that I would do it for them.

So they can hang it on the wall.

It also takes time to dry- about a week.

And I simply don’t have a week.

Especially since I would like to do more than one.

Its so not happening.

I’m currently undergoing the stress.

Called finals.

We will see if I manage to get it all in.

Without turning my hair completely white!

Totally Inborn!

Yesterday was a funny day for me. It began at 11:00 (usually not  a good time to begin a day). My adorable 2-year- old niece was in my room and pointed to a big silver professional looking box.

“Wats dat?” she asked looking at me curiously.

“Makeup. Wanna see?” I said stumbling out of my bed

She nodded, when I opened up the box, her eyes brown eyes opened even bigger. I was not surprised; my makeup collection can do that to people.

“Put on me?” she asked.

“sure- don’t tell mommy.” She nodded again excitedly.

So I began with lipstick, she requested, “more.”

So I applied blush, curled her eyelashes, put mascara on, eye-shadow, and while she still requested more I didn’t want her mom to have difficulty taking her makeup off, so I pretended, dabbed her forehead with a sponge, used a feather brush to tap her nose with and invented ‘more’.

Finally I said, “Okay you are done. Let me see?”

That was when she made the most hilariously cute face, she struck what could be considered a models pose, using a 2-year-olds interpretation, squinting her eyes making a pout.

The girl is two!!

Later when I told my sister how hilarious her daughter was she said, “ I don’t even know where she got that from, she never watches those kinda stuff- I only let her watch educational things,”

“No magazines?”

“Nope- she reads children’s books.”

I couldn’t get over it, where in the world does she get it from, I wondered.

I also noticed she has a very distinct taste, she once admired my sparkling diamond necklace, when I compared it to my younger sisters’ I asked which one she likes better.

“Ummmmmmmmm” she saidthen deciding  she pointed to mine which she liked better ( and no- one was not more sparkly than the other they were both equally sparkly.)

Its totally inborn- there is nothing to talk about.



The fog

Can create brain fog

Misty whiteness swirling

The mysterious – blanketing

Enveloping everything , everyone

The temperature that gives light caresses

The cold that leaves you feeling refreshingly unseen

Letting it go

Careful- though

Be true to yourself



I like being around people.

Specifically friends.

But my vacation time is coming up.

And slight problem here.

No one I know is available when I am.

I can’t go too far.

I have too many weddings.

But I have to do SOMETHING!

It will be a long time till I have the free time again.

Hypothetically I could go to a hotel with lotsa good books.

And yummy chocolate.

Tons and tons of it.

Spend the morning working out.

Then the rest of the day at a spa.

Then read some more.

Paint a little…

I would like to do it in theory.

But I am afraid I am gonna get bored.

I usually need to be around people.