Health food- healthy now? What about in twenty years from now?

Today I went to the health food store. I like those types of stores. It makes me feel healthy. The lights and the ambiance, the products. Most of which the average person has never even heard of. Everything looks very inviting.  In general I walk out with more than one ‘impulse purchase’.

Today I had some time constraints so I only walked out with one random thing-‘healthy gum.’

Instead of adding sugar they added a healthier alternative something like Stevia.

I find it all very humorous. Because right now some things seem really salubrious but I do know that in twenty years from now they will find out how unhealthy it really is!

I have a great aunt, a really sweet charming old lady. She had two kids. While she was pregnant with them she was taking this health pill that was supposed to be the ‘best thing’. It was the hottest thing on the health food market. (On a side note: This was 50 years ago) The  problem with that was that it ended up not being the ‘best thing’- her two children ended up being sterile (could not have children-they ended up adopting) I think that is pretty sad, since at the time the research wasn’t perfect.

No system is perfect and even today there are things that everyone is touting as the greatest healthy product out there when in reality it can really harm you. Enough research hasn’t been done to anything just yet. And do yourself a favor. Do not be that gullible that you think that research has been done and all you need to do is buy the products on the shelves. Who do you think does the research on the new products?  Duh! The companies that have made it. In reality how involved are they with the research? VERY! (Like any soy product is extremely harmful for your hormones most people are unaware of it, and at the health food store they were pushing it at people to give soy formula to their infants! Terrible!)

Anyways the gum that I walked out with officially had calcium, B-12, and a few other exciting ingredients. It even claims that it changes the PH of your mouth to kill the cavity causing bacteria. I chomped on my gum even harder hoping all the vitamins would go into my body (Oral absorption- it claimed) so I could spit it out already.

Okay- I agree, I am just as bad as everyone else.


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