It makes you feel like -yeah we really are free.

We are free, truly free?

We may be free from the English rule. But are we truly free?

I think not. I think most of us are truly not.

Aside from the fact the government is just a tad corrupt in some areas. (fine- most) And taxes and other fun ‘activities’ are insane. No on is doing anything about the illegal immigrants that are okay since as long as they don’t do anything illegal. I am not saying they should be deported. I am only letting you know the absurdity of some things.

Another thing majority of us are enslaved in is the mindset of must have- I don’t know what, I don’t care. That enslaves you.

Thank goodness it’s not as addictive as drugs (those people are MUCH more enslaved). Although, I think for some of us its pretty much up there.

But the pursuit of materialism can make specific individuals not be free. (and no- those people will never be happy, they will only need more.)

You can respond to my idea – In a few ways.

  1. No – everyone else, not me, and then buy the latest iPhone.
  2. No- not me, because this is what I truly want to spend my money, time, resources etc.
  3. Maybe – but it gives me pleasure so I don’t care

Only a highly intelligent person can actually admit that yes, it is the case.

I propose an activity to make you happy with your lives goals and things. First of all set them (goals-duh).

I have a co-worker, everyone truly loves her, the people that come in to the clinic know she will greet them warmly and ask them about how their lives are going (and yes, while she is not young she remembers what is going on with everyone). Everyone absolutely adores her.

She is very happy.

But she is not into things at all. Once when I was shopping online she was looking at the website and she said ‘oh wow, gorgeous’

So I turned to her and said ‘should I order something for you?’

She laughed and said, ‘oh not for me, for my granddaughter’

“But wouldn’t you want something?”

“No, I am happy with what I have” she said simply.

I was duly impressed.

What about her, makes her so happy?

I think it’s her constant giving.

Pretty cool, I say, lets begin implementing this— oh, in about twenty minutes after I finish ordering another pair of shoes 😉

Or here is a better idea, let me order another of shoes for someone who will like them too!


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