GO,Go, Hurry, Hurry, Quickly, Quickly-BEEEEEP!

Did you ever try to get someone to rush so fast they don’t think?

I have!

 As a counselor a few summers ago, when i could see that lots of campers did not seem very interested on doing an activity, i would simply tell them in a very urgent tone of voice “RUN!!”

And because peoples immediate reaction is to just run, they never really fully thought it through and decide “But hold on, I really don’t wanna” they just simply ran.

This trick does not only work on kids, I tried it on my 15 year old sister recently.

We had a guest over and he had forgotten something and he was leaving, I quickly turned to my sister (who wasn’t wearing shoes)

“OMG-he left his… “I practically shouted as I threw it at her, “run after him, QUICK!! RUN!!’

Had she had stopped to consider this, she would have been like “No Way, You should!”

Instead she ran so fast out the door and chased after him to give it back.

I found it a little humorous.

Until I found myself in a similar situation, only it was just a little bit different.

I was driving my car (Liz) and someone beeped at me to go already, I looked up from my phone and zoomed past the stop sign barely looking.

That was the absolute equivalence of someone yelling “GO!!”

On a side note driving is anyways much more dangerous, so don’t have anyone ‘rush you’ into going or doing anything without thinking.

We all do this in one way or the other.

Like once my sister met a lady who was rushing to go to the shoe repair store.

The woman realized that, “Oh no!” since she had forgotten to bring the shoes. She was in such a rush she simply forgot!

Rather slow a little now, so you can have more time later!


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