Staying AWAKE!


The wave of exhaustion that was hitting me this Tuesday early afternoon was simply ridiculous. My eyes were closing on its own accord. Its not even like I haven’t slept enough (I don’t think ) I even slept later than usual. My allergies were (still) bothering me and I haven’t made enough of an effort to follow through with all of my allergy solutions. OTC allergy meds haven’t been as helpful as I hoped but a side effect of it is extreme exhaustion which makes it hard to focus on the work at hand.

Some solutions:

  1. Pour a cup of ice water down your back, if you cant do it to yourself have a coworker do the honors (Tip: Close the door so other individuals do not cart you away due to the nervous-breakdown–like noises)
  2. Rub your face with ice cream
  3. Bite a lemon
  4. Get out of seated position and proceed to do 15 jumping jacks (ignore all of the stares you will get.)
  5. Do a headstand for 5 minutes (or until your face is red enough.)
  6. Jog in place
  7. Proceed to take off extra layers and turn the decrease the temperature (when you are good and frozen only then can you put back on those ‘extra’ clothes)
  8. Drink a mint tea
  9. Write a list of 30 reasons you really need to stay awake.
  10. Think funny thoughts – laugh loudly.
  11. Brighten up the room- put on all the lights, open the window shades.
  12. Open the windows when a bee comes in run around the room screeching like a banshee.
  13. Do some yoga (google the specific kinds that wake you up)
  14. Pinch yourself repeatedly, after you have enough black and blue marks all over put ice on it.
  15. Stand on your desk and sing an annoying song on volume 500, after enough people hear you enough tomatoes, pens, tape etc. will be thrown in your vicinity. Get off your chair and pick up all the junk that has accumulated.

This is just a starter… there are plenty of more… creative options… I would love to hear yours!


Spring Break

Spring vacation


Was so relaxing even though not a lot got done.

Sometimes you need mandatory off days.

It wasn’t so much that I did anything super exciting and fun.

It was more that everyone was home.

And there were lots of things going on.

Siblings, siblings in law, nieces and nephews all came.

It was a party.

It was adorable seeing which neices/nephews personality and you would be surprised how young they begin exhibiting theirs.

It doesn’t make it too hard to realize what they will be like as teenagers.

Like the 2 year old  niece that comes to my room expecting me to ‘do her face’ and nails.

The nephew who finds it fascinating to see dead animals.

The 3 year old niece who knows how to manipulate the adults around her.

The toddler who while learning how to walk, tottering away, manages to step over all of the blocks, lego, and clics scattered around, but will walk into a wall.

The little boy who tells the most outrageous lies when posed a question regarding something he said previously. He is a really talented liar and they are hilariously funny (although his mom is not entirely amused).

Just like adults, even, I tell you.

Cow eye-balls and a warm sunny day


May actually a good combination.  According to some -anyways.

Today was the first day of Anatomy and Physiology 2, lab class. We were given eyeballs to cut open after learning a little bit about it.

It’s strange since I am not one who gets grossed out by these things (like when we did the brain I was actually enjoying myself – a little too much, much to everyone else’s consternation.) Blood and guts never disgust me. It’s usually cool.

Either I just got older (like I don’t like roller coasters anymore…), or its just eyeballs specifically. We had to watch a video of a professor cutting open the eyeball and pointing out the different parts.

My eyes were tearing away – in middle I had to even look away. It was so grotesque since there was lots of jelly mush (aka vitreous humor) all over the place.

For some odd reason my eyeball came out ‘the most massacred’ everyone else’s eyeball was surprisingly copybook. Except for mine. Probably the cow had glaucoma – totally not my fault.

The professor came around to check everyone’s and her eyebrows went up a notch when it came to mine.

“It’s the cow..” I tried explaining.

She nodded, disbelieving.

Oh, well.

The weather was gorgeously hot and while stopping off at 7/11 to get Slurpee’s I kept on smelling my hands.

I had washed them – but they still reeked.

The cashier stared.

Maybe it was subconscious.

It was a good day all in all; I mean a dissected eyeball, stunning weather, a Slurpee, what could be better?

I can’t understand it- No one can

I have a weird sense of humor. I really can’t understand myself sometimes.

The strangest things can happen, the oddest things and it will seem hilarious to me.

Once I was at a meeting at work, there were lots of people present, like my immediate supervisor, the guy on top of him. Even the guy who owns the company was in attendance but he stepped in, only briefly (or so he thought). While he was in the conference room he absent-mindedly picked up the inside of a tape dispenser that was lying on the table. (You know, the black circle shaped thing inside of the roll of tape, the thing no one notices.) He is the absent-minded professor profile, a super genius but always a little distracted, lost in thought. While talking he placed it on his finger, but when he tried to pull it off, it refused to budge. I giggled like a hyena. Not quietly. Not inconspicuously. I simply could not help it. It struck me as hilariously funny. Poor guy, till he managed to take it off it was a while. I was the constant background noise. I am amazed he didn’t send me out or something. It was highly unprofessional.

And yes, I am one of those people that laugh when people fall down. Hard.  The harder, the funnier. Its terrible.

Once a guy came in to see his therapist, and I buzzed him in. While getting in he slipped on the carpet. I laughed uproariously- and tried to keep it a little down. The poor individual turned beet red. When he got up, he slipped again. This time, I laughed without constraint.

Twenty minutes later, after wiping the tears of laughter from my eyes, I realized that I was super mean.

Later that evening while leaving the building I noticed the carpet was sticking up, so really he was not the klutz he looked like from my window.

I looked and burst out laughing again, just remembering the situation made it seem funnier all over again.

Gosh some people!