I have discovered the miracle cure!!

No – not really me personally, I haven’t even had the opportunity to buy it yet, however I did a lot of research about it.

And I even convinced my co-worker to go out and buy it. (Hehe maybe I wanted a guinea pig 😉

Guess what it is?

Nope – not water (although that is a wonderful thing as well I wont deny it. I did lots reports on that. I also did a public (persuasive) speech on it.

Not apple cider vinegar (although my sister hates me for using it as a toner every night before going to bed-the smell is not the most pleasant thing out there.  She gags when she passes me in the hallway.)

–Drumroll Please—

Its Extra Virgin coconut oil (the oil and NOT the capsules.)

And totally not – its not one of those things that I have been into for about 5 minutes and gave up after realizing the results are not as instantaneous as I would wish, or are too time consuming to be practical (Yups I am pretty practical 😉

(Okay no need to laugh that hard)

That would be more along the lines of Avocado in my hair (which I have tried-and left it in till in turned brown and gross) or an acne trick of toothpaste, or a dieting trick  which meant eating honey before bedtime.

I am not going to go into all of the random things I have tried over the last five years of my life (maybe more.) They are far too numerous.

Going back to my discovery – based on all the evidence I have read. (and no – it was not from one individual blog.)

There isn’t very much of what it doesn’t cure.

It helps with:

  • Weight loss
  • Thyroid issues
  • Diabetes (stabilizes blood sugar)
  • Dental issues (really any mouth related issues including but not limited to dry mouth and any viruses and plaque etc.)
  • Candida (yeast infections)
  • Digestive issues
  • Focusing Issues and Alzheimer’s
  • Skin (Acne/scarring/razor bumps)
  • Hair (thinning/loss/lice)
  • Nails – (bumpiness/cracks)
  • Energy (it gives you lots of it) and Increases muscle mass
  • Helps with Parkinsons
  • Pink eye(or any viral issues)
  • Stress related issues (helps get your adrenal glands working – no more chronic fatigue syndrome)

That is just the tip of the iceberg.

Check out http://coconutoil.com/ as well as Dr.Mercolas website.


Enjoy! I will let you all know what happened with it. I do plan on buying it as soon as the health food stores open tomorrow!!

4 comments on “I have discovered the miracle cure!!

  1. tbree1 says:

    I bought it and used it as a mouth wash and moisturizer! so far so good! I am so excited with it although at first I thought I was gyped cuz it came hard-ish. Turns out its a butter consistancy not cuz its bad thats just how it comes – just letting you know so ur not shocked.

  2. 705mama says:

    I love coconut oil (read: borderline obsessed) & use it for all kinds of stuff. So far, so good 😉

    • tbree1 says:

      Ever since I bought it _-me too!! I do oil pulling twice a day! And take 2 tbspns daily! So far its been great! I have been sleeping better and have more energy!!

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