Staying AWAKE!


The wave of exhaustion that was hitting me this Tuesday early afternoon was simply ridiculous. My eyes were closing on its own accord. Its not even like I haven’t slept enough (I don’t think ) I even slept later than usual. My allergies were (still) bothering me and I haven’t made enough of an effort to follow through with all of my allergy solutions. OTC allergy meds haven’t been as helpful as I hoped but a side effect of it is extreme exhaustion which makes it hard to focus on the work at hand.

Some solutions:

  1. Pour a cup of ice water down your back, if you cant do it to yourself have a coworker do the honors (Tip: Close the door so other individuals do not cart you away due to the nervous-breakdown–like noises)
  2. Rub your face with ice cream
  3. Bite a lemon
  4. Get out of seated position and proceed to do 15 jumping jacks (ignore all of the stares you will get.)
  5. Do a headstand for 5 minutes (or until your face is red enough.)
  6. Jog in place
  7. Proceed to take off extra layers and turn the decrease the temperature (when you are good and frozen only then can you put back on those ‘extra’ clothes)
  8. Drink a mint tea
  9. Write a list of 30 reasons you really need to stay awake.
  10. Think funny thoughts – laugh loudly.
  11. Brighten up the room- put on all the lights, open the window shades.
  12. Open the windows when a bee comes in run around the room screeching like a banshee.
  13. Do some yoga (google the specific kinds that wake you up)
  14. Pinch yourself repeatedly, after you have enough black and blue marks all over put ice on it.
  15. Stand on your desk and sing an annoying song on volume 500, after enough people hear you enough tomatoes, pens, tape etc. will be thrown in your vicinity. Get off your chair and pick up all the junk that has accumulated.

This is just a starter… there are plenty of more… creative options… I would love to hear yours!


Dried Gourds


As of the latest arts and crafts ideas have been varied but nothing awesomely-amazing, nothing awe-inspiring and nothing remotely magical popped into my head.

It was for that unfortunate reason I did a decent craft with buttons on canvas but that was it.

There was nothing that grabbed my interest enough, for me to get off chair.

(And note this is referring to a CRAFT idea- nothing else- that means it excludes this mornings routine of doing 35 jumping-jacks on my bed(mom do not look at this sentence please) and jumping rope 50 times. As well as, creating a recipe which includes ingredients the average individual never heard of – so healthy your stomach hurts by just looking at it! Don’t worry it wasn’t for me 😉

Then I was searching through various articles and found an interesting one (this was when I was at work- of course – that’s the only time I make any time to read anything besides for silly novels.)

Gourds were the first thing to be used as containers for storage (states the article I read). After drying it out (a process that can take around 3 months) they were then used for storage, bowls, and other exciting stuff. After they utilized it for boring regular things they kind of realized hey- just because it’s functional doesn’t mean it cant be pretty that was when they began decorating it – making it super cool- works of art.

In my head I piped up – ‘hey me too!’

I imagined my mom’s expression when she found various gourds hanging from various light fixtures. I smiled.

I may not have 3 months – I may just have to buy a squash that has been dried already. Its only a little shortcut (but its probably the first practical short-cut I have taken in a while).

Wahoo!! Fellow artists – watch out for some serious competition 😉

It does not warrant a comment!


I made a nice oatmeal facemask, cuz I decided my face needed something else.

I whipped it up quickly since it’s a really easy recipe – consisting of egg-white and oatmeal smeared on face and left on for 15-20 minutes.

I was lying on a recliner, waiting for it to harden.

My father walked by and turned to my older brother, “this looks like an ad for something.”

My niece toddled by. She is a really precocious 2-year-old. Nope I am totally not a biased aunt or something!

“What’s that?” she asked.

“Oatmeal.” I responded.

“Can I have some?” Cuz clearly if I was putting it on my face, it was something worthwhile.

“No- it’s silly!” I sat her on my lap and told her, “Feel it”.

She did and then agreed she did not want it after all. Once it’s halfway dried it has a very spongy, icky consistency.

I let her into my room and sat her down allowing her to watch YouTube clips of random stuff.

In middle she turns to me and said, “You know,” (referring to my face,) “it’s weird!”

Then she insisted on using all of my makeup which I willingly complied – I love putting makeup on people. When I told her we were done and after the little girl inspected herself in the mirror and gave the okay –she then insisted that I had to put makeup on her doll. Her doll had a filthy face and I had to use nail polish remover to take off all the dirt. But after it actually looked pretty decent.

I took her out of my room to give her icecream (ha because I am not her mother – I get to spoil her rotten, and mind you this was waay after her bedtime!) I passed my brother in law in the hall.

His eyebrows shot up “Who pied you?”

My niece looked up at me, “It’s weird.” She informed me (again)

Okaaay I had more than enough comments I think it is time to wash it off!

Home-made jewelry – my style!


Today I decided to dig up small rocks.

Yup-you heard correctly.

I got back from college and was about to eat lunch when I remembered one of my siblings called earlier to let me know that it is possible to shine rocks. This was about a week ago. I got busy with random things and was unable to find time to do something like that, and then it slipped my mind.

I mean until I pulled up in the driveway today and saw some rocks – it was a pure light-bulb moment.

I dug up some rocks that looked with either a unique shape or a pretty color (s).

Found a mayonnaise jar with a drop left in side. Almost done. Good enough. I dumped a glob of it in the sink – hoping it would not clog anything. Then I began washing out the inside – repeatedly- since it was oily and a little disgusting. Drying off my hands I ran outside and began digging up some mud.

I felt like I was being watched and I imagined a neighbor of mine just staring and trying to figure out what in heavens earths name I was doing.

I felt like waving to the flickering window-shade. I did not though cuz my hands were full.

I ran inside realized I had forgotten the rest of the steps.

Google – of course knew the answers.

I ran outside again and took out a cup then filled it with more dirt (so it says sand– no one will be able to tell- right?)

Put all the rest of the stuff in- added water and began shaking till my arms were a little tired.

I promptly stuffed it in a bag so it wouldn’t leak and I opened the trunk unceremoniously I dumped it in, ‘see ya in a month’ I muttered and slammed it shut.

The window shade flickered again.

I imagined my beautiful necklace .


My next project: making butterfly earrings (Are they still around? Or is it too cold for them? Do you think that I will be able to find two that are the same exact size? It would probably look super cool!)


Everyone is Unique like Everyone Else

Yesterday I realized I haven’t done even half of the things I wanted to get done during the summer. I realized that a few things I would still be able to accomplish, as long as I woke up early (or at least earlier than I have been getting up, which has been more like mid afternoon, right before works starts 2:30) and thought about it earlier on.

So yesterday I found myself shopping for baking stuff. Not the ingredients, more of like cool things like icing tips and a cookie press as well as those icing bags and more icing tips and tips for writing etc.

I walked out of the store my arms laden with bags and eager to start but there were lots of people over at my house, and things needed to get done. (Hey- I did not say I did them or was helpful or anything. I am just pointing out something interesting.)

This morning I got up practically at the crack of dawn. (The crack of dawn is different for different people- really!) I walked around like a zombie until I got used to seeing the world this early, that was like a good hour later and after a super strong coffee (no milk and no sugar).

Once my eyes lost the glazed look, I looked through all of my exciting products that I bought and couldn’t decide what to start with.  The simplest thing I figured would be the cookie press. Since all the other things required too many steps before I get to use any of the fun paraphernalia, like all the exceptionally cool icing tips and bags require a cake to decorate. And a ready made one at that, plus there was no way I was going to cheat.

I began looking for a good cookie recipe and I wasted a good chunk of time. When I finally found one that passed inspection I had to make sure we had all of the ingredients. (Equals more time wasted.) After putting all the ingredients together (maybe measuring), I finally had my dough!  I pinched off a little bit to see how it tasted. (I one of those weirdos who love raw dough)

Then I skimmed the instructions manual –nothing all that earth shattering. So I put the dough inside and chose a squiggly cookie shape – I then realized I would need a cookie sheet and parchment paper (Yup we are health conscious at least for some things anyways, since the cookies included margarine! –Gasp here-)

I pulled the trigger and some spurts of dough popped out. I guess it has to be popped out onto the cookie sheet. So I tried, I really did but each one came out so different than the next. One more blobbier than the next, thinner, fatter, longer, smaller.

How unscientific.

Whoever said anyone is like a ‘cookie cutter’ obviously never tried it. So I guess the term doesn’t mean anything.

I have heard it describe people that are generic, typical etc.

But ha on everyone since there is simply no such thing.

At least in my world.