I am having a panic attack

I informed everyone at my brother’s b-day party, in a calm voice.

My throat felt like it was constricting and I was having difficulty breathing, my heart felt like it was beating wrong.

“What are you panicking about,” mom asked concerned.

“Nothing that I am aware of.”

“I must be panicking because I have nothing to panic about.”


I explained my symptoms.

My father asked if I just had a huge, intense coffee.

“Nope- I said, I haven’t had one all day.”

Did you eat anything different? An energy drink or something?

“No” I said.

Then I realized I had tried a new kind of chocolate – an 82% cocao chocolate bar.

It tasted like the really healthy kind. I have eaten high percentage cocoa chocolate in the past other types – I am weird and love that kind.

“It’s a caffeine rush.”  My father informed me.

“Have some magnesium.”


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