Ahhhh! Pimples!

Last night I noticed a few pimples on my face.

Not huge ones, but pimples. (Plural)

I had to act, before it became an epidemic.

I stayed up late googling and figuring out different options – I need good skin- always, why should I have to wear foundation?

The product that kept on popping up was Secret Indian Aztec Healing Clay.

It seemed to have the best reviews.

The best price.

The coolest properties.

The most exotic name.

The most interesting picture.

There was no way I could get the product by tomorrow morning I told myself. I googled stores. It didn’t seem to be sold anywhere near me. I then called all the health food stores I know.

Finally I found it! I drove myself the health food store. It was a nice store because it was large. Plus everything was labeled very clearly.

I walked in found the right aisle. Found it. Picked it up checked out and shot out of the store as fast as I could. I had schoolwork that had to be done. Work to go to. And an exam to study for.

(This was pretty impressive ~for me to just have a ton of self-control for no good (enough) reason!)

I sped home.

I felt this burning need to use the exciting, novelty. It was a powdered clay, that you have to add apple cider vinegar (yes-smells delicious 😉 Then you keep it on your face for a half of an hour. I had to go to work, but if I timed it right I would be able to do it. (And while it was hardening I could study!)


Finally it was time!!

I took a washcloth and made it boiling hot. I then began wiping off the hardening cement.

It took time but eventually it was all off.

I stared at myself carefully in the mirror and although it said your face may turn red- this took red to a whole new level!

How on earth was I going to work?

Tough! I told myself I shouldn’t have ignored the little voice in my head telling me to do it later tonight.

It was a first time use and that meant any pimples I had and wasn’t aware of, was brought to the surface.


I asked my co-worker if there was anything different about me today.

“Well, you have pimples….. What happened to your nice skin?”


4 comments on “Ahhhh! Pimples!

  1. I love being 40+ and having pimples and wrinkles and you have to buy every product known to man to stay in the fight.

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