The Dangers of Multitasking

I read this fascinating article on multitasking; the bottom line – not to do it.

Unless you particularly want continuous mental exhaustion.

It makes us stressed.

Yet everyone does it. The fact you have a cell phone automatically puts you in the category of chronically multitasking.

Peoples IQ will decrease when they are forced to multitask- constantly. (On average of 10 points) That is the equivalence of not sleeping one night.

(They did a study on this one- I am not making this up)

As a result of this study I decided to do something about it, even if it’s a small something.

I turned my phone on silent. So anyone that wants to contact me can. That is only when I am looking at my phone during which I have allotted specific times throughout the day to look at it. Otherwise my performance in everything else is going to go down by 50%! (This is referring to any mental activity.)

Another thing I am going to constantly try to do is give whatever I am doing my undivided attention. Not to do anything or plan anything else while I am doing whatever activity. (This is going to be a challenge – especially if it involves studying – I mean that is what 75% of my studying consists of!—distractions!)

Obviously it’s a great idea in theory let’s see when- and if I actually begin implementing it…

Will keep you posted!


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