Have a way of drawing attention your subconscious.

Everyone will see something else in the very same clouds.

Today I did the chilling thing and went to a park –by myself!

I did the brisk warm-up type of walking, and then I did the very comfortable type of sitting.

Even though it was on a rock-which was covered in insects, moss and algae, and was in middle of a brook.

Then I felt the need to experience nature a little more, I did feel the breeze, heard the rushing water, smelled the moss.

I needed to taste it feel it with my fingers and actual live it.

I pulled at a leaf that was dangling in front of me and caressed it against my cheek.

I pulled it apart and inhaled the fresh green refreshing smell.

I chewed it and tasted nature.

The sunshine enveloped me.

The clouds smiled at me happily and contentedly.

It was beautiful.


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