I’m a Big Girl Now!

I went shopping

It was the very independent shopping type.

It was the most enjoyable shopping experience.

At least it is for me.

Since I like to spend hours at stores most people do not enjoy for more than five minutes.

I took a GPS and was so impressed with myself that I did not get lost especially since I did the far-away, very-not-close to home type of shopping.

But the most impressive part of the evening was when I passed a stunning lake and did not pull over to watch the sunset over the water.

I mean I regretted every second that took me farther away.

But I did know that everyone out there that cares about my welfare and well-being would have been pleased with me not stopping at a deserted lake, with the sun going down, twilight coming .It had lots of trees surrounding the area plus I had not told anyone that I was going out.

I think I am growing up!

—Applaud here—–


6 comments on “I’m a Big Girl Now!

  1. shopping alone rocks, it’s all about you!

  2. tbree1 says:

    That’s true! I highly doubt you find chemical reactions a reason to buy random products 😉

  3. shopping is one of the best therapies, I love shopping alone

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