Boys can be so absolutely clueless.

So totally absolutely clueless.

One evening my brother knocked on my bedroom door.

“Come in” I said.

He came in to say hi, since there can be times we can go for weeks without seeing each other due to our (mostly my) crazy schedule(s).

He plopped himself down and while we were talking he picked up an item I had just bought from the top of my dresser.

“What is this?!” He asked totally mystified.

I looked at him amused, and I decided to allow him to figure it out.

“uh… An elephant toe nail clipper?

“Warm, but not quite, guess again” I smiled as I took the eyelash curler from him.

“My gosh – and what is this, did a chicken stop by or something.”

“No an eagle did. And its lavender too!” I put the make-up sponge (a.k.a makeup thingy) from him and put it back in its designated spot. “The eagle and the elephant are actually hanging out as we speak!”

During our discussion he began rubbing his finger over my emery board, “And you stole tongue depressors from the doctor’s  mobile.”

“Absolutely.” I said in a stage whisper and began looking around anxiously.

I was enjoying this way too much. Its kind of endearing when guys do not know any of these types of things.


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