My niece is a character

I went over to her house today to help my sister pack. She is moving this Sunday and has no movers, is not packed and a darling daughter who unpacks as she packs.

I would be very frustrated if I were her.

As it is I came over to help and was not the most thrilled person out there after she unpacked a box I had just packed.

“Oh no- What are you doing?” I said in an unhappy tone of voice to my little two-year-old niece.

I did not get a response from her – she just looked at me and continued to unpack all her toys.

I couldn’t help but smile at her.

She had the most trouble-making face on and she had stamped her eyelids with blue ink.

I looked at my sister to see her reaction.

“Darling you can only play with one toy now, the rest is going to stay in the box.” She said tiredly and unconvincingly.

The darling just looked at her and continued yanking all the items I had put inside the box.

We just looked at each other, and then I said. “My gosh I can’t even get mad at her face is covered in stamps she looks hilariously funny!”

“I know! The stamps were near my makeup and she thought it was makeup.” She laughed and said “You should see her after she gets into my makeup…”

I smiled and then she said,

“Her face, the walls …everything in sight.”

I left soon after.


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