My petit fours

The ‘to do’ list on my night table is just getting longer. Occasionally I cross off a few things, but then I usually add other things.

I promised my sister I would make petit fours for her party. But here is the thing I never did it before – and it’s much harder than it looks.

Sunday evening – I made a plain white cake mixture.

I decided to follow directions to the T- it has to be PERFECT.

I am not a perfectionist by any stretch.

Instead of orange extract I put lemon extract.

I also used a ruler-or at least tried to- but then I noticed my squares were far from perfect. I cut more. But the more I cut the more imperfect they became. I didn’t cry just yet. I stopped the cutting while I was ahead. I then dumped the 9×13 in the freezer. I will deal with it tomorrow – I told myself.

Monday morning – I made a frosting mixture. And- gasp- followed the recipe.

I mixed it till it was so smooth like milk.

I dunked the first square by sticking a kabob skewer through the middle and sitting it on wax paper. I stared at it in shock and horror. The frosting– seeped into the cake. I didn’t cry just yet. I realized I needed to thicken – slight problem I couldn’t add any dairy into it.

I googled alternative options for heavy cream: butter and milk, butter and soy milk etc. nothing that would help me.

I looked through my cabinets and found cornstarch. I hoped that would help me. It better not make it taste nasty.

It was too thick- I glopped the whole mixture on the tops of my petit four squares.  I stuck it back in the freezer. Will deal with it tomorrow I assured myself. It will be easy to deal with it then.

Wednesday I woke up (later than I wanted to) and realized I must get to my petit fours. I pulled them out of the freezer.  I looked at them in consternation. I didn’t cry. They weren’t perfect, heck, they weren’t even square. I whipped up frosting. I totally didn’t follow a recipe – following recipes obviously haven’t helped me.   I dunked them in the frosting mixture. I began to seep into the cake. I added more corn starch. Ran out of confectionary sugar. Dunked whatever I had left for dunking – only about 10. Stuck them in the freezer. Now I have to deal with it tomorrow. Oh well. Oh and I am so not buying them. (or so I think!)



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