I like being around people.

Specifically friends.

But my vacation time is coming up.

And slight problem here.

No one I know is available when I am.

I can’t go too far.

I have too many weddings.

But I have to do SOMETHING!

It will be a long time till I have the free time again.

Hypothetically I could go to a hotel with lotsa good books.

And yummy chocolate.

Tons and tons of it.

Spend the morning working out.

Then the rest of the day at a spa.

Then read some more.

Paint a little…

I would like to do it in theory.

But I am afraid I am gonna get bored.

I usually need to be around people.


4 comments on “Self-vacation?!

  1. A few years ago, I went with my husband to Vegas while he had to work a convention. I had an entire week to myself in a suite at the Palazzo. He basically came back to the room to sleep, but I was on my own all day and most of the evening- for every meal. At first, it was great. I had a stack of books and loved the pool. Admittedly though, after about four days, I got bored. If I were in your position, I would totally do a long weekend away- with books, chocolate and a great spa. Enough to be pampered, but not long enough to be bored.

    • tbree1 says:

      You are completely right- I will have to do it over a weekend! 🙂 And I just checked out your blog- sounds like you are an experienced traveler! Thanks for the tip!

      • Thanks for checking out my blog. My husband is from the UK and I get to accompany him on lots of work trips, so we are lucky to be able to travel a lot. We recently spent six weeks in the UK, which has been taking up a majority of my blog. I’m not even half done! Enjoy your weekend away.

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