New Years Resolution

I have decided.

I did – but it hasn’t been that long since I have so I don’t know if I will stick to it.

I am on vacation – I wake up late.

Today, I woke up at 11, made myself a wonderful breakfast and took care of my other responsibilities.

Then I began looking through my closet and categorizing what does and doesn’t have its own accessories.

I have lots of necklaces and earrings but I need lots of new colors.

So every morning I wore a top that didn’t have a necklace that matched it, I made one.

This past week I made a gorgeous royal blue necklace to a very blue top I was wearing.

I was wearing a light pink turtleneck and I had made a pendant with lots of light pink pearls all hot-glued on to the round disc. (I had initially brought  for earrings but they didn’t look good as earrings – it was a little much, this was perfect- and I got so many compliments on it)

Today I put on a green  cardigan – I already have a necklace to match it – but I need more options I told myself. And put together a super cool necklace with a pattern of 3 different beads. One was so tiny if you breathed too hard it blew away, the other was glass-  medium sized with white green and yellowish swirls running through it, the third was diamond shaped, curved, flat-ish and a transparent shade of green.

So my project is to make a new accessory with every outfit, top, that I own. It will be some project.

But hey – I am on vacation and am free to do whatever I want!!!!:)

Its not only necklaces though. I can make earrings (I have but nothing that was made to match with something in mind), bracelets ( I watched a you-tube on how to make a super cool bracelet out of  paper!!), rings, etc. The options are endless!

I love options!

Such a liberating feeling – no  tests or reports hanging over my head!


9 comments on “New Years Resolution

  1. You should definitely consider doing a follow-up of this blog. Maybe even after all of the jewelry has been made! I know I – and I’m sure a bunch of your other followers also – would LOVE to see it!

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