Mixed up

I wasn’t even supposed to go to work today. I really wasn’t. But when my boss texted me to come in for two hours – I agreed. I had a first cousins wedding. I responded to his text while leaving college.  Instead of heading home I headed in the direction of work after my practical exam and looked at the time- it was 2:15.

My clock in the car has always been an hour off. I tried to change it more than once but I never managed to figure out how. Especially when I am driving. It’s not even nice to the other drivers on the road.

Every day on the way to work its 2:20 – and I listen to a radio talk show on finances. It’s interesting enough- and I figured I may as well as learn something. I turned off my music and was shocked when an unfamiliar voice began talking, the little bit I tuned into seemed to be an emotional support hotline- kind of show. Not my speed. Not then anyways.  Odd I thought in my head – I guess Dave Ramsey took the day off.  I double checked that it was 710.

I did not think anything of it.

I walked into work and my co-worker was like. “What are you doing here?”

“What are you doing here?” I countered kinda confused.

She pointed at the clock. 1:30.


I laughed.

Everyone in the office stared at me.

I turned around and said, “well -I will see you all later.”

I laughed the whole way home.


2 comments on “Mixed up

  1. D says:

    and now you know why I hate liz 😉

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