Totally Inborn!

Yesterday was a funny day for me. It began at 11:00 (usually not  a good time to begin a day). My adorable 2-year- old niece was in my room and pointed to a big silver professional looking box.

“Wats dat?” she asked looking at me curiously.

“Makeup. Wanna see?” I said stumbling out of my bed

She nodded, when I opened up the box, her eyes brown eyes opened even bigger. I was not surprised; my makeup collection can do that to people.

“Put on me?” she asked.

“sure- don’t tell mommy.” She nodded again excitedly.

So I began with lipstick, she requested, “more.”

So I applied blush, curled her eyelashes, put mascara on, eye-shadow, and while she still requested more I didn’t want her mom to have difficulty taking her makeup off, so I pretended, dabbed her forehead with a sponge, used a feather brush to tap her nose with and invented ‘more’.

Finally I said, “Okay you are done. Let me see?”

That was when she made the most hilariously cute face, she struck what could be considered a models pose, using a 2-year-olds interpretation, squinting her eyes making a pout.

The girl is two!!

Later when I told my sister how hilarious her daughter was she said, “ I don’t even know where she got that from, she never watches those kinda stuff- I only let her watch educational things,”

“No magazines?”

“Nope- she reads children’s books.”

I couldn’t get over it, where in the world does she get it from, I wondered.

I also noticed she has a very distinct taste, she once admired my sparkling diamond necklace, when I compared it to my younger sisters’ I asked which one she likes better.

“Ummmmmmmmm” she saidthen deciding  she pointed to mine which she liked better ( and no- one was not more sparkly than the other they were both equally sparkly.)

Its totally inborn- there is nothing to talk about.


2 comments on “Totally Inborn!

  1. gitty says:

    Thats the cutest thing ever!!!!!!!!! Kids say and do such adorable things

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