Liz(my car) was being stubborn. Not her fault. She was encased in ice (snow that had completely frozen over).

I had a small mini ice-scraper, just in case of emergencies.

Last night I was informed by lotsa people to dig my car out cuz tomorrow it would freeze.

I wasn’t overly concerned. Decided to procrastinate and deal with it tomorrow, was too busy doing nothing. (Don’t you hate when you get in that lazy sorta mood and just focus on breathing and chilling)It used to not happen to me, but then I turned 21.

So this morning I had the most difficult time digging myself out.

After a half hour of getting nowhere I decided to just drive away. I slowly pressed the gas, put it in low gear and began driving. The wheels just spun, smelled of burning rubber and went no where.

This happened repeatedly, I dug out some more. Got back in the car and still went nowhere. I didn’t have enough energy for a good cry. Instead I took a piece of mint gum, chomped on it loudly as a stomped on the gas. Thought about who I could call, like who owed me a favor.

Noone that I could think of. Ugh.

I told someone I would meet them at 11:15. 11:15 came and went. I called them saying I will be by them in a half an hour.

After all the gas-stomping, idling, I realized I was outa gas.

I chomped on my gum harder.

It’s still early, I still have time, I told myself.

I called her again, I will be running a little late.

Finally after enough gas-stomping, wheel twisting, snow kicking – I was out!!

Wahooooooo!! 🙂


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