Liz is a sneaky one!

She has to be.

See, Liz, is my car. I have established that she has a very distinct personality and sense of humor.

I suspect, however, she does something extremely odd when I am on the road.

Wherever I go I get brighted/ flashed.

Both the back and from cars passing me, going in the opposite direction.

I am truly, thoroughly, mystified.

I have on countless occasions gotten out of my car to see if maybe a brake light was out, or maybe one of my front lights were. That hasn’t been the case.

And nope – it hasn’t always been policemen around either.

I am not a paranoid, since all passengers have agreed with me and gone out of Liz scratching their head. Baffled.

No- I am not usually high, and do not drive like a drunkard.

I don’t drive exceptionally slow.

I do not drive exceptionally fast.

Liz is has been up to something. I wish I knew what it is.

I am aware that its personal, because when other people have driven her, there were no issues.

Its okay though, every car has its quirks.

Like every person has their idiosyncrasies.

And I like cars with personality.


2 comments on “Liz is a sneaky one!

  1. j0n41 says:

    This put a smile on my face. Good stuff. =]

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