I had a most unusual experience which involved me shrieking on top of my lungs in disgust, shock and horror.

I had bought a nice overnight bag the nice big ones that kind of fit most things you can think of. (Including the kitchen sink).

As I emptied it out from all the stuffing’s (newspapers and the like) some-time later. I began to get the feeling someone had bought it before and returned it. Not because the tags weren’t on. Not because it wasn’t in good condition, simply because there was a plastic bag inside with a label with typed description of the bag.

I began emptying everything on my bedroom floor, so that I could see how big the inside really was, being I plan to use it this upcoming weekend.

The paper wasn’t typical stuffing paper – it had some cool designs on it. I was thinking that it could be the inspiration for a painting, or even the start of a modern art sort of painting I pulled it out to check it out. One lump of paper wasn’t that cool. The other one was a tree that swirled into something else, it looked like something so I pulled it out further and out came a little square rag.

That was not the reason I felt the need to scream.

It was covered in blood!

My immediate though was –oddly enough- ‘murder evidence’

That’s why I yelled.

I must read waay too many murder kind of mysteries.

It was a off-white sort of background with light blue pinstripes and smudged with brownish, and tan-ish dried out, smudged blood.

I picked it up with the paper and l had admired and took it to the living room because that’s where everyone was. I had to have an explanation.

The general consensus was that the rag was a makeup rag.

Oh well, so much for it being evidence.


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