I’m 21!


Today was a big day, although it started out last night, we went to a quarry, met up with a skeleton coming out of a creaky door. The three of us raced to the car, our hearts in our throats.

Drove back, drove through a park (that you are meant to walk through- but its so unsafe to do so at so late at night and as a result we drove through the path around the lake.)

The driver was a blondie (stereotype – and she claimed the road- just turned into this and what was she supposed to do) Liz purred in agreement.

I got back and at 12, I poured myself a big glass of red wine. Drank it. Felt somewhat entitled. I went to bed.

As a 21 year old I am not sure I feel much older, and more mature (although that is what I claimed to those that text-ed me and asked what I feel like today.)

Oh and although I would’ve thought that at age 21 I am older and wiser – I am the first but totally not the second. My friends shocked me out of my wits by surprising me at work! I never would’ve thought… Maybe when I am 22 😉


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