When a coffee is in order


I was thrilled that my car was back in working order. I had to drive carpool for my younger sister – change in her schedule. Then I had to race to a meeting regarding a new position I decided to accept. From there I drove to Michaels and the strip of stores along that area. I got a lot of very random things (one item-being a pot of Lavender).

Then my sister called and asked if I could watch her son for a little bit. Instead of doing more shopping I went to her house.

(Please note: because of the weather there are lots of pot-holes)

Anyways I drove onto her block, a house away from her house. There was a not-just regular pot hole. This one was a little more severe. I wasn’t going fast but Liz (my car) totally didn’t care. She made helicopter – kind of sounds – to protest (I guess). Thankfully I was near her house and was able to go up her driveway. I parked haphazardly- the noise was doing something unpleasant to my brain.

I got out of the car and looked around- nothing seemed to be wrong. I looked under Liz and there seemed to be a pipe underneath that popped out from under. My sister came outside to take a look.

I turned to her and said, “Is it me, or my car is smoking. Maybe it looks like that cuz of the rain.”

“Its you, I think,” then she stopped and shook her head, “Yeah you’re right.”

Being that I know *lots* about cars I decided to look under the hood. The only problem was since I smashed into a tree (Note: I had just gotten Liz back, yesterday) the hood didn’t want to budge.

My sister and I were standing outside, getting completely drenched. We laughed and discussed the possibility of the car exploding.

“Okay we are wasting time,” I told her. “You run that errand.”

She looked a little doubtful, “What if your car blows up?”

“Well you being here isn’t gonna change much, will it?”

So she left, I went inside.

That was when her calm baby, who had been sleeping so peacefully decided to wake up. And not just wake up. Scream.

So I tried everything, from rocking to patting, to changing his diaper, to putting him in his swing, in his mother’s bed.

Nothing worked.

So in addition to me worrying about how I was going to work, making dinner like I told my mom, or getting any exercise in. I had to worry about this shrieking baby.

And since nothing seemed to work, I sat in my sister’s kitchen and pounded cookies.

About 15 minutes later, she called to see how he was doing. I didn’t even need to explain. She heard him. Only him. She couldn’t hear a word I said.

“Why didn’t you call me?! I will be home in 2 minutes.”

She was home in literally two minutes, pretty impressive. I wonder how many reds she ran. She let me use her car and that was how I got to work an hour and a half later (after going home and making supper, eating lunch, and preparing snack.)

Goshness- what a packed morning. A coffee was a necessity.


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