I was chilled while coming back from doing some running. Invigorated, pleased, and relaxed. The music was on loud, I was driving average (I’m not into tickets), and was focusing on what I am going to do as soon as I get home.

Next thing I knew I was  skidding. I freaked out and tried turning the wheel, stomping on the breaks… nothing!

The tree was coming closer and closer – I couldn’t even shut my eyes- with horror/fascination I watched my car smash into the tree.

I hoped I would make it.


I turned off the music.

Made sure I was okay – nothing was hurting.

Got out to look at the car – okay the front is a little battered- no big deal.

I got back into the car and tried to drive it- the wheel refused to turn- I was stuck.

I called my father sounding panicky, a little hysterical and the about to cry – but not yet – stage.

He wasn’t even local.

“Calm down don’t worry” he said.

I didn’t talk – afraid I was going to cry.

“okay – I’m gonna call your brother in law- the only one who is local.’ (my two other brothers who usually are local – are not even in the usa)

“Okay” I said – my voice small.

Then I called the guys who help people that are stuck.

“I’m in a tree”

“okay we will send someone right away.”

5 minutes later 3 guys show up, and look at the car. The axle is probably broken, the rim is bent and you may have more internal damage. You also may want to tell the neighbor whose lawn it is that you banged into their tree. If you don’t it’s like you left the scene of the accident.

“We’ll come with you”

“Your best bet – is to call a tow truck since there isn’t much you can do at this point.”


Once I knew what had to be done I calmed down. Called my mom to take care of all the stuff. Called my boss and told him what happened and how I wasn’t able to come in to work today.

Overall everyone was concerned about how I was feeling.

My brother in law came to see what he could do. He figured he’d drive it to my house and we’ll deal with it once it’s in the driveway. It wouldn’t go and the wheels were being difficult. He handed me a hot cocoa and said he spoke to the parents who said they’re gonna call a tow truck.

Went home – and left the car at the end of the block.

I realized I didn’t eat lunch.

Not hungry but decided to eat anyways. I made myself macaroni and cheese, by the time I was halfway done eating I realized I didn’t put ketchup in it.

It didn’t really matter I didn’t taste it.

I kept seeing the tree coming closer and closer.


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