The windsheild aka me

So to catch up on what happened while  I was ‘gone’

-slashed my ear (thank goodness didn’t need stitches or I would’ve needed major psychiatrical therapy- in addition)

-almost got a ticket (thank goodness the guy next to me was going faster)

– Almost failed my test I forgot about (thank goodness I had enough will power and got up extra early to study)

– Almost forgot my oral report- while standing in front of the class, due to a professor snapping like a pencil, because I asked if I could go next.

I am noticing a pattern.

One that seems a little hard to miss.

Close shaves at every corner. At every angle. Wherever I go.

Some days you are the fly other times you are the windshield.

Sunday I was the fly.

Today, the windshield.

I like being the windshield, waaaaay better.



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