The theoretical

You know what got me thinking about theories?

Well it started off my sister had a baby and came to my house to stay for the first little while. The first half hour the baby slept it –that was when we admired the baby’s small features and marveled at his cuteness.

Then came the first thin wail, the poor baby needed a diaper change. The poor mother, was a new mother and completely unaware of how this should proceed.

When someone volunteered the mother sat on the couch watching with big eyes. Just as the diaper was opened the baby obviously got cold and the next thing I knew was everything in the vicinity got a little shower. The baby got his face wet and all the bystanders began shrieking. The mother panicked. I wiped the baby down calmed the mother and volunteer (who was supposed to change the diaper.)I finished up.

The baby began shrieking incessantly. My younger sister turned to me and said, “The baby has such a sad cry I would feel terrible if the baby was truly sad. I mean what did he do to deserve this?”

“What do you mean?” I demanded, “of course he is sad. I mean the poor kid- is cold!”

“Nope. He isn’t.” she said happily.

I raised my eyebrows. “How do you know?”

“My teacher told me that – he is not sad. He just cries because it’s an instinct.”

I looked at her and was about to tell her what I thought of that. Then I realized that is one way she can cope with his crying. I was quiet.

Then something struck me. There can be a million and one theories that can’t be proved or disproved.

I can make up a few:

  • What we dream when we dream is there’s another part of ourselves in a different universe where our dreams are reality and in that world we dream of our reality in this world and try to make sense of it. (haha suckers- try to disprove this!)
  • Babies are all born the same but because every second of ones life has an impact that shapes ones future and how you will turn out. Genetics do not effect your cognitive abilities until a year and a half to two years.

(Or this!)

  • There are no about  personality types only different variations fluctuating between our parents, peers (meaning their parents) and what we are exposed to.

(This theory annoys me! )

  • There are some people that will never get into trouble no matter what they do, because before they were born they made a deal with some higher authority and they’re set for life. Unfortunately the average person doesn’t get this opportunity.

(Hey so totally unfair- I demand and more rights!)

  • When babies cry they are switched into another babies body. This only applies to a baby under four months.

(So you are not you, unless you cried an awful lot and were eventually switched back)

  • You have theories that you made up to cope with various things, and you have never contended.

(This one is highly probable)

Then there are those theories that are proven are simply common sense (okay fine most of them anyways – not like quantum physics but in general things  like boyles law)

I like these theories, they are mostly disturbing and hard to disprove. Feel free to comment and add your own theory.


2 comments on “The theoretical

  1. D says:

    my theory is that the whole world is fake and I’m the only who doesn’t know it- and when ppl aren’t around me (acting of course that they have regular lives of their own) they are all sitting around with each other playing games or something…. egotistical huh?
    and I completely love the dream theory 🙂

    • tbree1 says:

      Lol- I like your theory! Its pretty interesting one. However out of curiosity why do you suppose they all play along – would’nt it be inconvenient to stop their real lives (lol- I am getting stupidly technical)
      Or how about this one: Whatever we see is upside down. Since what we see is upside down and the brain (occipital lobe) flips it. The theory is that its upside down but we don’t interpret it as such 🙂
      I happen to like the dream theory too!

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