Creative things to do with Records


I don’t even think the average college student knows what this even is. So I will explain – records are the thing they used before tapes were. Oh dear -that definitely did not explain it very well. It was what was used before CDs were around – good heavens- I have a feeling that just made things worse.

Never mind- ask your grandparents.

  •        Make a bowl! Place the record over a hard bowl that can go in the oven or a  tomato sauce can  and put it in the over on 400 degrees, when it has taken the shape of a bowl take it out. (less than a minute) Ta-da you have a cool bowl!


  • Make a dessert stand. Take three records the bottom one should be the largest one, the second one a little smaller (cut it to size – or if you have smaller records use those).Take candlesticks and heavy duty magnets. Place the magnets on the bottom and top of each of the candlesticks so they hold everything in place. The order: bottom- largest record with a magnet on the underside, and on the middle of it, then a candlestick with a magnet on top and a smaller record placed on top. It looks so unique!
  • Image

Wall- Art

  • Make a mirror to hang on your wall. Buy a smaller (but not too small) round mirror, cut the inside of the record out- and hot-glue-gun the mirror behind the black record. Looks super amazing. (Oh- and attach a string – any type that would be strong enough to hold it in place secure it with hot-glue-gun )
  • Image

Note : for a slight variation you can use it for a picture frame!

  • The awesome-est butterflies- you can decorate a whole wall with them- it looks simply splendid. Trace a butterfly shape on the records surface and put in the oven on 400 for less than a minute (45 seconds) when it has somewhat cooled but is still highly malleable cut the butterfly. Then bend it in half so it gives off a 3-D sort of look.
  • Image
  • Buy a canvas and use 3 different shades of one color paint. (like lavender , purple, and deep eggplant. Tip: you can buy the darkest and a white—mix!) . Make it begin on one side as the lightest stop a third of the way through and use the medium dark color stop 2/3rd the way through and for the last little bit use the darkest color. Now- put the record in a paper shopping bag (the shop right kind works great) and use a hammer and bang it – don’t smash too hard since you need all the pieces to be able to be put back together . (We absolutely can-not have a humpty-dumpty situation).  Hot glue-gun the pieces together so you can have the circle –still circle shaped but lying on a super cool canvas.
  • Image
  • A bracelet- bake the record in the oven (you guessed it) 400 for less than a minute (do it on a can) When its highly malleable but not too hot cut it in the shape of a strip. You can put a cool design in the front – you can make it out of staples if that floats your boat. Even just making little holes in are are =Remarkable!
  • Image
  • An earring holder. Take a blow torch to use as a heat source (for a few seconds and don’t touch it to the record, you can use a candle if you want) and use needles or a skewer to make identical  holes for the earring.
  • Image

Good luck! Let me know how it goes!!

(btw please do not hold me responsible for writing some things which are possibly hazardous stuff)


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