The door was ajar.
I locked it.
I had even come back to verify it had been locked before I left.
There were things moved around – things were not in the right places.
Some lights –that hadn’t been left open were now opened.
“Hello? Is anyone home?!” I began
“Hello- I know someone is home- announce yourself!” No response
Then I raced to the restroom- don’t you hate it when you wait to the last second.
I heard the sounds of someone walking around- while I was in the bathroom – I imagined the intruder waiting outside the door so as soon as I went out he would knock me unconscious with a hard blunt object.
I threw the door open and took a step back.
No one was around.
Then I heard banging going on – on the porch.
I ran in that direction – slid the porch door open as fast as I could.
There was my younger brother sawing a piece of wood. He didn’t look up.
“What are you doing home?”  I asked him.
“I’m suspended”
“Oh gosh what did you do this time?”
“I don’t want to discuss it.”
“What’s your punishment?”
“I’m home from school- suspended.” He said – like I was dumb.
“You didn’t get another punishment from the parents?” I asked not really surprised.
“Oh –yeah.” He said as if I just reminded him.
“I can’t go off grounds.”
A short while later after sawing a plank of wood, making lunch, and doing jobs around the house he apparently decided it was kinda boring so he went into the shed.
He came out a half hour later.
“Look at the coolest thing I found! Look spray paint bottles in every color.”
“Cool, but don’t do anything stupid with them they probably won’t come know like hair, clothes.. etc.”
Apparently he was not warned enough because he ran back inside, “look at my artwork!”
It was cool, zigzags and lines and circles- real modern art type.
“uh do you think everyone will be pleased with this on the lawn.”
“neh,” he said and waved his arm nonchalantly. “no one cares.”
He glanced at it again- “well its behind our house!”
“Good thinking” I rolled my eyes.
“And anyways theres a ton of trees they will be covered soon by all the leaves.”
I agreed with his brilliant deductions.
He reminds me of myself at that age.

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