Bucket List


I have wanted to put together one of these for like years – but hey its about time!

Note I simply cannot put it in any specific order since it will most likely change from minute to minute.

  1. Take an art class
  2. Learn fluent sign language (I know the basics but it’s a far cry from fluent)
  3. Learn belly-dancing
  4. Learn how to play one song on the flute
  5. Drive a plane (bwahaha – those who were petrified of me getting my regular drivers license….)
  6. Spend a full 24 hours outdoors (with no phone/electronics)
  7. Drive and drive till I run out of gas (fun stuff)
  8. Stomp on grapes (to make wine) (*maybe* wash my feet first 😉
  9. Make cheese – on the stove
  10. Go into 5 stores I have never been in and buy products I have never heard of (or seen previously)
  11. Pet a crocodile (and preferably not get eaten)
  12. Go on a hot air balloon and detach the cords attaching it to the ground- land someplace far. (but like really far)
  13. Come into my office at work with a face full of face paint (maybe with hearts and Tweety )
  14. Design and * sew* a gorgeous long gown (gorgeous enough to wear to a wedding)
  15. Make a unique pair of shoes
  16. Do the 21-day complaint-free challenge
  17. Spend an entire day in a pool (possibly turn into a prune)
  18. Go to every one of the 50 states (every bless-ed one)
  19. Get a make-up-artist-license (without having to do school)
  20. Learn how to blow my hair
  21. Buy an island
  22. Figure out a way to get my degree in less than a year.
  23. Plant Vegetables
  24. Go on a three day liquid diet
  25. Maximize my free time at work -doing important things
  26. Blog more often
  27. Do secret (and random) acts of kindness
  28. Make a full work-out/fitness room in my house
  29. Coordinate my closet in a way that I don’t re-wear the same clothes. (maybe make the whole thing rotate constantly..)
  30. Get tons of new accessories
  31. Learn a new language
  32. Learn how to do pottery
  33. Do intense rock-climbing
  34. Watch the sunrise over the beach (on a Caribbean island)
  35. Start a huge business (in the entertainment field- I already have my idea I just need investors)
  36. Conduct business interviews
  37. Learn the art of deciphering body language – perfectly
  38. Take 25 pictures with random strangers (the weirder the better)
  39. One day walk around in cow-girl get-up (complete with the accent and boots)
  40. Participate in the Spanish holiday of La Tomatina (a day where everyone pelts everyone else with tomatoes)
  41. Go to the Swiss alp’s
  42. Subsist on chocolate for a week
  43. Publish a book (but a good one -prefferably one that will be a best seller)
  44. Research enough home-remedies and compile a book on what works
  45. Observe the Tinku “punch your neighbor” festival
  46. Build a two floor tree house
  47. Go on vacation (to a different country) by myself
  48. Become a professional hypnotist
  49. Volunteer in a homeless shelter
  50. Teach high school( or college)

These things are only touching the tip of the list however feel free to post comments on what you think should be on it as well.


4 comments on “Bucket List

  1. D says:

    I’ll help you check them off- rock climbing, islands… ready when you are!
    But, you are skipping the punch the neighbor one- or at least warn me first 😉

    • tbree1 says:

      OMG!! ur absolutely right!! I am absolutely looking forward – n hey- u combined the islands with rock-climbing=great idea!
      Don’t worry about the neighbor thing u were totally not someone I am considering punching (lol it was just one of the most absurd holidays i have ever heard of 😉 and note when I wrote observe i meant -watch!

  2. gitty says:

    so i think you should add winning the lottery to the top of your list……..

    • tbree1 says:

      Ur right! But as I was trying to convince someone (maybe myself as well) money isnt everything (but lol – ur right it is a WHOLE lot -power,freedom, etc)

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