The oddest things I have done/currently do


Walked around (on a sunny day) with a fedora, sunglasses and raincoat just for the heck of it.

Smushed Avocado in my hair and put a plastic bag over it- but the plastic bag was kinda clear and it was kinda nasty looking especially when it turned from green to brown.

While driving – instead of doing anything really really rude – I just stuck my toungue out at the guy driving.

Substituted too many things in a recipe.

Cut off a motorcyclist so close we almost collided.

Argued loudly with my scary boss. (Thank goodness he is no longer my boss 😉

Drank apple cider vinegar.

Wrote a note on a piece of wood using lipstick.( Then left it at my desk at work – lol )

Ordered a mountain of manure. (And my mom said she will put it in my bed! I am still awaiting its arrival! I ordered it two days ago- Aaahhh)

Put olive oil on my face

I was supervising a group of rambunctious kids and agreed with them that pulling the pillows off the couch and sliding down the arm of the couch is pretty fun.

Used a hole- puncher to remove a thread on a dress.

Put lots of oatmeal with raw egg on my face.

Told my boss no.

Explained to my niece why she has to come now.

Used a Johny on the spot. (at least it wasnt on Spot).

Put honey on my face.

Dyed a pair of shoes- in a large soup container.

Wrecked the grade curve for my class by getting every question right on a murderously hard test.

Bought a junky car did not bring it to the mechanic and it died a week later.

Decided to run away with a friend not because of any reason except to see how our parents would react except we stopped by the closet and spend the remainder of the day inside of it, our parents were hysterical after searching for us (dumb 10 year olds) for like 5 hours.

Used Baking powder for deodorant.

Babysitting – I allowed the kids to thump down the stairs wearing pillows in their pants – after a split lip and calling the ambulance I realized it wasn’t the safest thing out there.

After getting locked out of a relatives house I was supposed to be staying at- I decided to climb two stories up to get to their balcony – unfortunately that was locked too. I had to climb down two stories hoping not to splat and hoping the neighbors would not call the police.

Realizing there is no dearth of odd things I do constantly.


4 comments on “The oddest things I have done/currently do

  1. G.K says:

    i dont think your so normal. just saying. it is only my opinion though so…..

  2. Isabelle says:

    i always read your blog and i think ur awesum!!!! (a drop whacky) u had me laughing out loud (with tears streaming down my face) to a point where my mom who walked in just then, thought i was dying and tried doing CPR on me!!! lol

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