Home-made jewelry – my style!


Today I decided to dig up small rocks.

Yup-you heard correctly.

I got back from college and was about to eat lunch when I remembered one of my siblings called earlier to let me know that it is possible to shine rocks. This was about a week ago. I got busy with random things and was unable to find time to do something like that, and then it slipped my mind.

I mean until I pulled up in the driveway today and saw some rocks – it was a pure light-bulb moment.

I dug up some rocks that looked with either a unique shape or a pretty color (s).

Found a mayonnaise jar with a drop left in side. Almost done. Good enough. I dumped a glob of it in the sink – hoping it would not clog anything. Then I began washing out the inside – repeatedly- since it was oily and a little disgusting. Drying off my hands I ran outside and began digging up some mud.

I felt like I was being watched and I imagined a neighbor of mine just staring and trying to figure out what in heavens earths name I was doing.

I felt like waving to the flickering window-shade. I did not though cuz my hands were full.

I ran inside realized I had forgotten the rest of the steps.

Google – of course knew the answers.

I ran outside again and took out a cup then filled it with more dirt (so it says sand– no one will be able to tell- right?)

Put all the rest of the stuff in- added water and began shaking till my arms were a little tired.

I promptly stuffed it in a bag so it wouldn’t leak and I opened the trunk unceremoniously I dumped it in, ‘see ya in a month’ I muttered and slammed it shut.

The window shade flickered again.

I imagined my beautiful necklace .


My next project: making butterfly earrings (Are they still around? Or is it too cold for them? Do you think that I will be able to find two that are the same exact size? It would probably look super cool!)



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