Ice-Cream Creamsicle


I searched and searched and searched.

I googled and googled it and googled it some more.

I tried a myriad of different ways to rephrase it.


My great aunts recipe for Ice-cream -Creamsicle was just no where to be found.

No slight variations.

Nothing even remotely similar.

Before I sat down to cry I decided to think about it and compile a list of what it had in it, I don’t even like following recipes so I don’t know why I was so irritated.

Maybe it was the memory of eating it. It was like eating a bowl full of cool-sunshiny-happiness.

I wanted to replicate it.


Well I simply would have to make it without it.

I asked my mother for her opinion on the matter as well.

She helped me with compiling the list.

Whatever I may have missed she let me know.

I bought the ingredients I felt would be in there. ( Like the can of orange juice from concentrate, and the dessert whips..)

And began working in the kitchen.

And working in the kitchen.

And working in the kitchen.

After the masterpiece was done I insisted that everyone try it.

I didn’t even give them the option of saying no.

But by everyone’s sighs of pleasure  I realized.

I had replicated it.

Thrilled was not the word.

Even though the whole thing was gone.

The memory of it was present.

It was worth it.

Recipe: By me! (And my mom-Not great aunt Edna 😉

1 can of orange juice from concentrate –blend – Keep separate from the rest of ingredients!  You can add food coloring if you so desired. I desired.

For the ice-cream part

A bunch of eggs ( I think it was 4 separate and fluff the whites so its fluffy)

A Dessert whip (rich’s whip a reg. size maybe 12 oz or 16, 12 oz makes more sense actually.)

1 Packet of Vanilla pudding


Put together the ice-cream part and put in a 9×13 pan. Then put the orange mush on top. Take a spatula and slightly marbleize it.

For a variation- you can take a cookie sheet (tip: bigger than the 9×13) put down baking paper and put down all the orange mush. Freeze (until completely frozen) and pile the ice-cream on top then gently pull off the baking paper and roll so it will look cool. Cut into slices.



If you have any issues please let me know! Keep me posted!!


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