Its Monday again


Every time I turn around its Monday again.

And yes it is that kind of day.

No parking spots.

At all.

Circling till running late to class.

Parking a three parking lots away.

Running, panting, and holding lots of luggage, including rain gear, notebooks, pens, water, and a phone.

Professor leaving the class.

Wondering were she is heading.

Breathing hard, I ask.

She explains that I obviously failed to look at today’s schedule since we are going to the library for a tutorial.

Do not stop to take a drink of water –desperately needed.

Its 9:05

12:00 comes along slowly enough and I run out of class.

Forget to the bookstore for name-card.

Feeling fat.

Go to the Gym.

Not wearing sneakers.

Being kicked out till I have proper footgear.

Coming back ( yup panting again)

Come back all the machines I wanted to use – in use.


I walk around track.

Do it fast because its boring.

Running to car.

Running to work.

Doing discharge files.

Tedious work.

Get three bad paper-cuts. (From folders = the painful type)

Bleeding, stopping to Band-Aid self.

Trying to finish up before I leave.

Do not want to be stuck doing this tomorrow.

Mondays are a ball.

Never cease to be amazed

Every Monday is a New Monday.

New stresses

New situations

New stickiness.

I am glad to have a week until the next Monday comes around.


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